1948 Archbold Cape York Expedition


1948 Archbold Cape York Expedition : Daily Journal G. M. Tate


Tate, Geoffrey M., 1898-1964

American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Mammalogy. Archbold Expeditions Collection.
Cape York Expedition (1948)




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Daily journal kept by Tate between January 28 and October 6, 1948 while voyaging to and during the Cape York Expedition. Includes observations about the various methods of transportation and accommodations, people and social activities, cuisine and localities, expedition preparations and itineraries. Description of travel, collecting activities and challenges reference both his own collection of reptiles as well as the work of other members of the party such as Leonard Brass, Hobart Van Deusen and George H. H. Tate. Locations throughout the Cape York Peninsula include Mossman, Speewah, Thursday Island, Portland Roads, Coen, Cooktown, and Cairns.

Geoffrey M. Tate, a zoologist and younger brother of American Museum of Natural History curator G. H. H. Tate, acted as business manager for Archbold Expeditions at the American Museum of Natural History. He accompanied as collector for both the 4th Archbold Expedition to New Guinea and the 1948 Cape York Expedition.

Cataloged through a 2015 Leon Levy Foundation Archives grant.


(1948) , 1898-1964 , Australia , Birds , Cape York Expedition , Cape York Peninsula (Qld.) , Description and travel , Diaries , Field notes , Mammals , Reptiles , Scientific Expeditions , Tate, Geoffrey M., , Travel , United States

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