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Macmillan, Lindsay.

American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Mammalogy. Field Book Collection.
Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1920-1941)




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Unbound set; preprinted pages filled in by hand.

Card, envelope and sheet of notes also laid in folder with the pages.

Unbound mammal specimen collection pages compiled by Macmillan in 1940 while on the Whitney South Sea Expedition. Preprinted sheets were filled out with information including location, date, method of collection, specimen number and notes. Some sheets also have notes on the back. Specimen numbers are not in order but span from 154312 to 153495. Location was the Dickaree Waterhole near Birdsville, SW Queensland, Australia. Additional material kept with the pages includes a notecard that states the collection was purchased from Macmillan, an envelope dates June 21, 1940 with a label enclosed and a small sheet of itinerary notes. The Whitney South Sea Expeditions primarily aimed to collect bird specimens. Macmillan led the expedition from 1935 to 1940, and his wife Joy accompanied him on the expedition, acting as assistant.

Lindsay Macmillan was trained by A.J. Marshall, a well-known Australian ornithologist. Before joining the expedition, Macmillan was already well-versed in skinning and collection bird specimens. He left the expedition to join the Australian military during World War II.

Cataloged through a 2015 Leon Levy Foundation Archives grant.


(1920-1941) , Australia , Birdsville (Qld.) , Description and travel , Field notes , Macmillan, Lindsay , Mammals , Scientific Expeditions , Travel , Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museu

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