Edward Hitchcock and John Torrey correspondence, 1819-1848
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Edward Hitchcock and John Torrey correspondence, 1819-1848

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864




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Correspondence from Edward Hitchcock to John Torrey, dated 1819-1848. Hitchcock's correspondence opens with his first letter to Torrey in 1819, introducing himself, offering a plant for identification, and expressing his desire to exchange mineral specimens with Torrey. Throughout the 1820s his letters tend to follow this model of plant and mineral discussion, interspersed with questions of employment. In the 1830s, now personally and professionally settled in Amherst, Massachusetts, Hitchcock's concerns become focused on academic endeavors, though his interests remain eclectic. He asks Torrey where he might purchase a model balloon, describes a new electrical apparatus he's obtained, elaborates on his recent study of bird feet. Throughout he offers his friend encouragement and support ("I am happy to perceive that you are progressing in your researches into the mineral and vegetable kingdoms...") In 1824 he writes of Torrey's work in "A flora of the northern and middle sections of the United States," "It must be a work of great labour, and I do not see why it will not completely take the place of Pursh, Michaux, Eaton, & even Nuttall." Obsolete plant names mentioned include Boletus delicatulus, Convallaria multiflora, Malaxis liliifolia, Neottia gracilis, Scirpus subsquarrosus, Sphaeria curvirostris, and Tussilago palmata.

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