A.F. Holmes and John Torrey correspondence, 1827-1857


A.F. Holmes and John Torrey correspondence, 1827-1857

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Holmes, A. F. (Andrew Fernando), 1797-1860




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Correspondence from A.F. Holmes to John Torrey, dated 1827-1857. Holmes' early letters reflect his many interests-- chemistry, botany, geology, mineralogy-- as he peppers Torrey with questions about mineral identification ("I hope you will excuse the trouble I give you & impute it to my desire to perfect myself in a difficult study...") and sends him parcels of moss specimens. Subsequent letters express concern about Torrey's long silences and hopes of not having inadvertently given offence. One letter, dated November 28, 1837, describes in detail the rebellions taking place in Canada at that time, and laments the fact that he has let his side interests fall by the wayside. "I am glad to find you continue to [be] enthusiastic in your Botany... I have almost forgotten my Botany, it being 14 or 15 years since I have done much in it. My attention latterly was more turned to minerals but after amassing a very handsome collection, that also I have nearly put aside." By 1840, however, he is again sending Torrey a plant specimen, and asking "what paste you use for sticking on numbers or labels on minerals..." The last letter, dated 1857, happily anticipates Torrey's August visit to Montreal.

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Botanical specimens , Bryophytes , Correspondence , Daubeny, Charles, 1795-1867 , De Kay, James E. (James Ellsworth), 1792-1851 , Geological specimens , Greville, Robert Kaye, 1794-1866 , Holmes, A. F. (Andrew Fernando), 1797-1860 , Macrae, W. F. (William Frederick) , McGill University , Minerals , Pyrola asarifolia , Saint Charles, Battle of, Saint-Charles-sur-Richel , Saint-Denis, Battle of, Saint-Denis, Saint-Hyacint , Torrey, John, 1796-1873

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