George Edward Davenport correspondence.
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George Edward Davenport correspondence. Senders A-B

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Contained In: George Edward Davenport papers

Series: Archives and specimens from the Boston Metropolitan Park Flora.

Series: Connecting content : a collaboration to link field notes to specimens and published literature.

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Davenport, George E. (George Edward), 1833-1907 , addressee

Ames, Mary E. Pulsifer, 1845-1902 , correspondent
Andrews, Luman, 1839-1921 , correspondent
Austin, Rebecca Merritt Smith, 1832-1919 , correspondent
Barnes, Kate S. , correspondent
Bishop, James N. (James Nathaniel), 1851-1906 , correspondent
Bourn, Allan, , correspondent
Brandegee, Townshend Stith, 1843-1925 , correspondent
Britton, Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth Gertrude), 1858-1934 , correspondent
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934 , correspondent
Brown, Addison, 1830-1913 , correspondent
Bush, A. E., Mrs., , correspondent
Buswell, E.W., , correspondent




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George Edward Davenport (1833-1907) was a businessman and botanist from Boston who chiefly studied ferns. He was a member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, New England Botanical Club, and Torrey Botanical Club, and a founding member of The Middlesex Scientific Field Club. He published articles on ferns, forestry, and horticulture in many botanical journals. Davenport was also active in promoting the conservation of the Middlesex Fells, was a long-time member of the Medford School Committee, was involved in the anti-slavery movement, and was interested in labor reform. Davenport was married to Mary Francis and they had ten children, eight of whom survived him. They moved from South Boston to Medford in 1875, and he died in 1907 while taking a walk in the Middlesex Fells.

Consists of letters written to George Davenport from 46 correspondents with surnames starting with A or B, mostly regarding botany. Correspondents are: Joseph S. Adam, George J. Alden, Abbie A. Allen, Mary E. Pulsifer Ames, Charles Lewis Anderson, Albert LeRoy Andrews, Luman Andrews, Hugo Andriessen, Emilia Crane Anthony (n�e Royce), Joseph Charles Arthur, Rebecca Merritt Austin, Charlotte Maria Bagg (n�e Winchester), John Gilbert Baker, Henry Baldwin, Kate S. Barnes, Evelyn Snead Barnett, Julia B. Bartlett, William H. Bates, Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (Mrs. H.H.A. Beach), William James Beal, Henry Curtis Beardslee, William M. Beauchamp, James Lawrence Bennett, Charles Edwin Bessey, W. and J. Birkenhead Nursery, James Nathaniel Bishop, Charles Reid Barnes, Allan Bourn, Frederick W. Bourquin, Henry Bradlee, Townshend Stith Bradegee, Elizabeth Gertrude Britton, Nathaniel Lord Britton, Addison Brown, S.A. Brown, Samuel Botsford Buckley, William Henry Burbank, Thomas Joseph Workman Burgess, Florence I.W. Burnham [Springfield Botanical Club], Stewart Henry Burnham, Ann E. Bush, Edwin William Buswell, Alford Augustus Butler, Edwin E. Butler, Faustina Butler, and Miss L. Butler.


(George Edward), , 1833-1907 , Botanists , Correspondence , Davenport, Geo. E

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