Leo Lesquereux and John Torrey correspondence, 1852
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Leo Lesquereux and John Torrey correspondence, 1852

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Lesquereux, Léo, 1806-1889




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Correspondence from Leo Lesquereux to John Torrey, dated May 23 and June 3, 1852. At the beginning of the first letter, Lesquereux laments the fact that he missed Torrey once again on his last trip to New York; he goes on to update Torrey on his current activities as part of the state geological survey of Pennsylvania, and describes preparing his own collection of mosses for publication. He tells Torrey he plans to visit the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia soon in pursuit of Sphagnum "in fruit." The second letter, written shortly after Lesquereux's return, includes a short summary of that trip along with a much longer, more detailed narrative of an earlier collecting expedition though Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.

In English.


Anemone , Botanical specimens , Carey, John, 1797-1880 , Correspondence , Drummond, Thomas, -1835 , Fossils , Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , Lesquereux, Leo, 1806-1889 , Musci , Plants , Southern States , Sphagnum macrophyllum , Sphagnum torreyanum , Splachnum , Sullivant, William Starling, 1803-1873 , Torrey, John, 1796-1873 , Trillium catesbaei

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