Adrien de Jussieu and John Torrey correspondence


Adrien de Jussieu and John Torrey correspondence, 1836-1852

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Jussieu, Adrien de, 1797-1853




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Correspondence from Adrien de Jussieu to John Torrey, in French, dated 1836-1852. In his first letter, dated June 12, 1836, Jussieu offers a melancholy tribute to his father, botanist Antoine de Jussieu, who died ten days earlier. In his subsequent letters he discusses the activities of mutual friends and acquaintances and the traffic of specimens between them; he also offers Torrey some advice on the practicalities of having engraved plates made for botanical publications, and in 1837 he forwards three subscriptions, probably for the first number of Torrey's Flora of North America. In the last letter, dated 1852, Jussieu writes wistfully of travelling and collecting plants in North America "in spirit," as he has never been there, and only experiences the continent vicariously through specimens and publications. Obsolete plant names mentioned include Hermodactylus.

In French.


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