Vlyssis Aldrouandi patricii Bononiensis Monstrorum historia


Vlyssis Aldrouandi patricii Bononiensis Monstrorum historia : cum Paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium

Title Variants

Alternative: Aldrovandi Monstrorum historia Ambrosin. Parali

Alternative: Monstrorum historia

Alternative: Paralipomena accuratiss[i]ma historiae omnium animalium

Alternative: Paralipomena hist. omnium animalium

Alternative: Ulyssis Aldrouandi patricii Bononiensis Monstrorum historia

Alternative: Vlyssis Aldrouandi Monstrorum historia

Alternative: Vlyssis Aldrovandi patricii Bononiensis Monstrorvm historia

Uniform: Monstrorum historia


Aldrovandi, Ulisse, 1522-1605 , author

Bernia, Marco Antonio, active 1638-1661 , publisher
Tebaldini, Nicolò, active 1602-1649 , printer
Coriolano, Giovanni Battista, 1649 , engraver
Ambrosini, Bartolommeo, 1588-1657 , Paralipomena accuratissima historiae omnium animalium




Published material

Publication info

Bononiae, Typis Nicolai Tebaldini, MDCXLII [1642]


Engraved title page, with historiated border, signed: Io. Bapta. Coriolanus F. Bonon.

"Paralipomena accuratissma [sic] historiae omnium animalium ..." (part 2) has separate title page with imprint: Bononae : Typis Nicolai Tebaldini, 1642 (leaf A1 recto); as well as separate paging and signatures.

Colophon: Impensis Marci Antonij Berniae.

Head- and tail-pieces; initials; side-notes.

Printer's device on colophon, with motto: Ferro et igne.

Part 1: [8], 748, [28] pages (the last page is blank); part 2: 159, [9] pages (the last 2 pages are blank).

Errors in paging in part 1: page 48 is misnumbered as 40; page 98 is misnumbered as 108; page 107 is misnumbered as 97; and page 427 is misnumbered as 527.

Includes indexes.

Errata: page [27] (3rd group) of part 1; and page [6] (2nd group) of part 2.

Signatures: part 1: [cross]⁴ A-3P⁶ 3Q⁸ 3R⁶ 3S⁸; part 2: A-O⁶ (leaf O6 is blank).

Leaf I2 is mis-signed as H2; leaf 3R1 is signed as Rrrrr.

Nissen, C. Zoologische Buchillustration, | 74

Sorbelli, A. "Contributo alla bib. di U. Aldrovandi." In Intorno alla vita e alle opere di U. Aldrovandi, 69-139, | XI. 1 (page 121)

Catalogue of seventeenth century Italian books in the British Library, | page 15

Beckwith, J. Bruce. Bibliotheca Beckwithiana (unpublished), | P2


Abnormalities , Abnormalities, Human , Animals , Conjoined twins , Early works , Early works to 1800 , Fetal presentation , Human anatomy , Monsters , Natural history , Plants , Pre-Linnean works , Teratology

Call Number

QL991 .A42 1642




DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.149129
OCLC: 38670653


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