J.S. Newberry and John Torrey correspondence, 1856-1862


J.S. Newberry and John Torrey correspondence, 1856-1862

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Newberry, J. S. (John Strong), 1822-1892




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Correspondence from J.S. Newberry to John Torrey, dated 1856-1862. Newberry's first letters, written from Washington D.C., are concerned primarily with plant specimens and their identification; he also expresses concern about expedition reports going to press without corrections. His later letters, written from Cleveland while working for the Sanitary Commission, are more concerned with the future-- with who will process the plants he collected on his last expedition, and what he will do when the war-- and the Sanitary Commission-- end. In a long, thoughtful letter dated February 1, 1862, he asks Torrey's advice on his career, and whether he should solicit recommendations from their mutual friends in the scientific community. Several people Newberry discusses are unidentified: "Dr. Bigelow" (unclear whether he is referring to Jacob or John Milton Bigelow); "Samuels"; and "Dr. Andrews" and his "Samoan ferns." Obsolete plant names mentioned include Sequoia gigantea and Spraguea umbellata.

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