George Engelmann :
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George Engelmann : botanical notebook 9 : Echinocereus, Cereus, Eulychnia, Pilocereus

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Alternative: Botanical notebook 9 : Echinocereus, Cereus, Eulychnia, Pilocereus


Engelmann, George, 1809-1884




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This collection consists of notes on the botanical genera Echinocereus, Cereus, Eulychnia, and Pilocereus. Also included are correspondences from Serano Watson, William H. Emory, Charles C. Parry, Frédéric Albert Constantin Weber and John Jefferson Davis, field notes from Elliott Coues, as well as drawings by Paulus Roetter. The folders contain original handwritten notes and botanical sketches (some in color), as well as articles and illustrations from various journals and newspapers. Some of these items were written and drawn by Engelmann, some were sent to him by associates and correspondents. Notes and sketches are done on a variety of reused and repurposed papers. Notes include plant lists and specimen descriptions, as well as where, when and by whom they were collected. Sketches are done in pencil and ink.

Items are stamped with numbers 1980-2161. Not all items are dated.


(Charles Christopher), , (Frédéric Albert Constantin), , (John Jefferson), , (William Hemsley), , 1806-1894 , 1809-1884 , 1811-1887 , 1823-1890 , 1826-1892 , 1830-1903 , 1842-1899 , 1852-1937 , Botanical illustration , Cactaceae , Cereus , Correspondence , Coues, Elliott, , Davis, J. J , Echinocactus , Emory, William H , Engelmann, George, , North America , Parry, C. C , Pilocereus , Plant collecting , Roetter, Paulus, , Watson, Sereno, , Weber, F. A. C

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Archives Collection 1 RG 4/1/5/1




OCLC: 951067623


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