Favnae insectorvm Germanicae initia, oder, Deutschlands Insecten


Favnae insectorvm Germanicae initia, oder, Deutschlands Insecten

Title Variants

Alternative: Deutschlands Insecten

Alternative: Faun. insector. Germ. init. Ann. I

Alternative: Faunae insectorum Germanicae initia

Alternative: Favnae insectorvm Germanicae initia

Related Titles

Related/Analytical: Deutschlands Insecten

Related/Analytical: Faunae insectorum Germanicae initia


Panzer, Georg Wolfgang Franz, 1755-1829

Herrich-Schäffer, G. A. W. (Gottlieb August Wilhelm), 1799-1874
Sturm, Jakob, 1771-1848 , ill.




Published material

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Nürnberg, In den Felseckerschen Buchhandlung, 1796-1813


Title and imprint information supplied from Hagen, H.A. Bibliotheca entomoloigca. Citations vary on publication dates.

Parts 1-108 published in 9 Jahrgänge, each with special t.p.

Hefts 1-109 published in 9 Jahrgänge, each with special t.p.

Jahrgang 1-3 and probably 4 are 2d ed. (only 1, 3 called 2d ed.).

Part 110 published at Augsburg; pts. 111-190 (continuation by G.A.W. Herrich-Schäffer) published at Regensburg.

Each Heft has contents list printed on pink paper.

Plates are hand-colored etchings by Jakob Sturm.

L.C. set incomplete: pts. 109, 112-152, and 154-190 wanting. Jahrgang 5 lacks prelim. matter (14 p.).

L.C. has pts. 1-108, 111 bound in 36 v. and pts. 110, 153 unbound in paper containers with printed label: Deutschlands Insecten, herausgegeben von Dr. G.W.F. Panzer, fortgesetzt von Dr. G.A.W. Herrich-Schäffer ...

Heft 110 published at Augsburg; Hefts 111-190 (continuation by G. A. W. Herrich-Schäffer) published at Regensburg.

Hagen, H.A. Bib. entomologica, | II, 27


@NEV Collectie , Germany , Insects , Pictorial works

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Dazzling Diversity: The Insect World

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QL482.G3 P3




DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.15007
LCCN: https://lccn.loc.gov/ca11002214
OCLC: 4195853


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