James Franklin Collins correspondence.
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James Franklin Collins correspondence. Senders Farlow-Greenman

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Contained In: Papers of James Franklin Collins.

Series: Global Plants Initiative Field Notes Collections.

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Available from Harvard University Botany Libraries


Collins, J. Franklin (James Franklin), 1863-1940 , addressee

Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919 , correspondent
Farrar, William Gardner, , correspondent
Faxon, Charles Edward, 1846-1918 , correspondent
Faxon, Edwin, 1823-1898 , correspondent
Fellows, Dana Willis, 1847-1928 , correspondent
Fernald, Margaret Howard Grant, , correspondent
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon, 1873-1950 , correspondent
Fernow, B. E. (Bernhard Eduard), 1851-1923 , correspondent
Ferry, René, , correspondent
Floyd, Frederick Gillan, 1869-1941 , correspondent
Foster, Albert Scott, , correspondent
Fretz, Clayton Detweiler, 1844-1926 , correspondent
Furbish, Kate, 1834-1931 , correspondent
Ganong, William Francis, 1864-1941 , correspondent
Gardner, Henry Burchell, , correspondent
Gerritson, Walter, , correspondent
Gilbert, Benjamin Davis, 1835-1907 , correspondent
Glatfelter, Noah Miller, 1837-1911 , correspondent
Graves, Charles Burr, 1860- , correspondent
Gravet, Frédéric, , correspondent
Green, Arnold, 1838-1903 , correspondent
Greenman, J M , correspondent




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Consists of letters written to James Franklin Collins by 23 correspondents with surnames starting with Fa-Gre, regarding botany and/or personal matters. Includes letters, postcards, picture postcards, specimen labels, advertisements, receipts, telegrams, and artotypes (carbon prints). Correspondents are: William Gilson Farlow, William Gardner Farrar, Charles Edward Faxon, Edwin Faxon, Dana Willis Fellows, Margaret Howard Grant Fernald, Merritt Lyndon Fernald, Bernhard Eduard Fernow, René Ferry, Frederick Gillan Floyd, Albert Scott Foster, Clayton Detweiler Fretz, Kate Furbish, William Francis Ganong, Henry Burchell Gardner, Walter Gerritson, Benjamin Davis Gilbert, Noah Miller Glatfelter, Frédéric; Gravet, Charles Burr Graves, Arnold Green, and Jesse More Greenman.


(James Franklin), , 1863-1940 , Advertisements , Botanists , Carbon prints , Collins, J. Franklin , Correspondence , Picture postcards , Postcards , Receipts (financial records) , Telegrams




OCLC: 932102147


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