James Franklin Collins correspondence.
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James Franklin Collins correspondence. Senders Dame-Evans

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Contained In: Papers of James Franklin Collins.

Series: Global Plants Initiative Field Notes Collections.

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Available from Harvard University Botany Libraries


Collins, J. Franklin (James Franklin), 1863-1940 , addressee

Dame, Lorin Low, 1838-1903 , correspondent
Davenport, Geo. E. (George Edward), 1833-1907 , correspondent
Davis, Harriet C., , correspondent
Day, Mary Anna, 1852-1924 , correspondent
Deane, Walter, 1848-1930 , correspondent
Dewey, Lyster H. (Lyster Hoxie), 1865-1944 , correspondent
Dismier, Gabriel , correspondent
Dixon, H. N. 1861-1944 , correspondent
Dowell, Philip , correspondent
Dunham, Elizabeth Maria, , correspondent
Dupret, Hippolyte François, , correspondent
Dutton, Dura Lewis, 1883-1929 , correspondent
Eames, Edwin Hubert, 1865-1948 , correspondent
East, Edward M. (Edward Murray), 1879-1938 , correspondent
Eastwood, Alice, 1859-1953 , correspondent
Eaton, A. A. (Alvah Augustus), 1865-1908 , correspondent
Eaton, Daniel Cady, 1834-1895 , correspondent
Eaton, Lillian O , correspondent
Eggleston, W. W. , correspondent
Ehmke, Charles W., , correspondent
Evans, Alexander W. (Alexander William), 1868-1959 , correspondent
Rydings, Joseph, , correspondent




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Consists of letters written to James Franklin Collins by 21 correspondents with surnames starting with Da-Ev, regarding botany and/or personal matters. Includes letters, postcards, specimen labels, picture postcards, a New Years card, a Valentine's Day card, and business cards. Correspondents are: Lorin Low Dame, George Edward Davenport, Harriet C. Davis, Mary Anna Day, Walter Deane, Lyster Hoxie Dewey, Gabriel Dismier, Hugh Neville Dixon, Philip Dowell, Elizabeth Maria Dunham, Hippolyte François Dupret, Dura Lewis Dutton, Edwin H. Eames, Edward Murray East, Alice Eastwood, Alvah Augustus Eaton, Daniel Cady Eaton, Lillian O. Eaton, Willard Webster Eggleston, Charles W. Ehmke, and Alexander William Evans.


(James Franklin), , 1863-1940 , Botanists , Business cards , Collins, J. Franklin , Correspondence , New Year cards , Picture postcards , Postcards , Valentines

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