Karyological relationships and biodiversity of the pine voles of Azerbaijan :
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Karyological relationships and biodiversity of the pine voles of Azerbaijan : differentiation of species from the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains

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Series: Occasional papers / Museum of Texas Tech University, no. 291.


Kuliev, Gias N.

Bickham, John W. (John Wayne), 1949-
Texas Tech University. Museum,
Texas Tech University. Natural Science Research Laboratory.




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Lubbock, TX :Museum of Texas Tech University,[2010].


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"21 April 2010."

"Texas Tech University, Natural Science Research Laboratory."

The authors conducted a karyological investigation of the pine voles Microtus (Terricola) and Microtus (Hyrcanicola) inhabiting Azerbaijan. Differentially and non-differentially stained karyotypes of three species (M. (H.) schelkovnikovi, M. (T.) majori, and M. (T.) daghestanicus) revealed a constant diploid number (2n = 54) and variation in fundamental number (FN = 58-62). Differential staining revealed pericentric inversions accounted for variation in FN and also revealed variation in NOR position and number as well as in C-band heterochromatin amount and distribution. Two subspecies of M. majori from the Greater and Lesser Caucuses, respectively, differed in heterochromatin and NOR distribution and possibly represent distinct species. The non-differentially stained karyotype of a fourth species, M. nasarovi (2n = 38, FN = 58) from the Lesser Caucuses, was found to be highly distinct from the previously considered conspecific M. daghestanicus (2n = 54, FN = 58) from the Greater Caucuses. We conclude that there are at least four species, and possibly five, of pine voles in Azerbaijan and further systematic studies should be conducted to determine the taxonomic status of the recognized subspecies of M. majori. The Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains appear to have served as refugia providing for differentiation among species pairs of pine voles.


Azerbaijan , Microtus , Pitymys , Voles

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