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Alternative: Eis organon Aristotelous anonymon

Alternative: Tade enestin en tede te biblo, Aristotelous Ethikon Nikomacheion biblia deka ...

Alternative: Ton en tede te biblo periechomenon onomata kai taxis, Aristotelous bios ek ton Laertiou ...

Alternative: Ton en tede te biblo periechomenon onomata kai taxis, Theophrastou per phyton historias ...

Alternative: Ton en tede te biblo periechomenon, onomata kai taxis, Aristotelous peri zoon historias ...

Uniform: Works



Alexander, of Aphrodisias. , Works
Bondinus, Alexander, active 15th century- , editor
Caballus, Franciscus, -1540 , editor
Diogenes Laertius.
Forteguerri, Scipione, 1466-1515 , editor
Manuzio, Aldo, 1449 or 1450-1515 , printer
Manuzio, Aldo, 1449 or 1450-1515 , editor
Philo, of Alexandria. , De opificio mundi
Philoponus, John, active 6th century- , Vita Aristotelis
Pio, Alberto, 1475-1531 , dedicatee
Porphyry, approximately 234-approximately 305 , Isagogue
Theophrastus. , Works




Published material

Publication info

[Venice], [Aldo Manuzio], [1 November 1495-June 1498]


In Greek, with preliminaries in Latin.

Title devised by cataloger; imprint derived from colophons.

In five volumes, dated: volume 1) 1 Nov. 1495; volume 2) Feb. 1497; volume 3) 29 Jan. 1497; volume 4) 1 June 1497; volume 5) June 1498. Each volume has separate title page with list of contents.

For signatures, consult Catalogue of books printed in the fifteenth century now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Bod-inc), entry A-384. BPL copy differs from Bod-inc in that first two leaves of volume 4 are part of an unsigned gathering of two, in which the second leaf is blank.

Volume 1: [234] leaves; volume 2: [32], 268 leaves; volume 3: 400, [1], 401-410, [1], 411-457, [9] leaves; volume 4: 1, [1], 226; 116, 12, 42, 121, [1] leaves; volume 5: 209, 19 (i.e., 13), 210-316, [1] leaves. Errors in foliation throughout.

Super-chancery folio; 30 lines plus headline (lacking in volume 1); woodcut initials and head-pieces.

In some copies, volume 3 has cancel slip with a line of text and a catchword pasted beneath line 30 on leaf 100 verso.

Contents: Volume 1: Porphyrii Introductio siue universalia. Aristotelis Praedicamenta. Peri herminias i[n] De interpraetatione. Priora resolutoria. Posteriora resolutoria. Topica. Elenchi.

Formatted Contents: Volume 2: Aristotelis uita ex Laertio. Eiusdem uita per Ioannem Philoponum. Theophrasti uita ex Laertio. Galeni De philosopho[rum] historia. Aristotelis De physico auditu. De coelo. De generatione & corruptione. Meteorologicorum quatuor. De mundo ad Alexandrum. Philonis Iudaei De mundo. Theophrasti De igne. Eiusdem De ventis. De signis aquarum & uentorum incerti auctoris. Theophrasti De lapidibus.

Formatted Contents: Volume 3: [Aristotelis De historia animalium, and 18 other works. Theophrasti De piscibus, and 4 other works]

Formatted Contents: Volume 4: Theophrasti De historia plantarum. Eiusdem De causis plantarum. Aristotelis Problematum sectiones. Alexandri Aphrodisiensis Problematum libri. Aristotelis Mechanicorum liber. Eiusdem Metaphysicorum libri. Theophrasti Metaphysicorum liber

Formatted Contents: Volume 5: Aristotelis Ethicorum ad Nicomachum libri. Politicorum libri. Oeconomicorum libri. Magnorum moralium libri. Moralium ad Eudemum libri

Incunabula short title catalogue, | entry ia00959000

Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, | entry 02334

Goff, F.R. Incunabula in American libraries, | entry A959

Catalogue of books printed in the XVth century now in the British Museum, | V, pages 553-558

Catalogue of books printed in the fifteenth century now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, | entry A-384

The first printed Greek language edition of Aristotle's collected works, with the exclusion of the Poetica and Rhetorica. Includes works of Galen, Philo of Alexandria, Theophrastus, and Alexander of Aphrodisias, among others. Edited by Aldus Manutius with the assistance of Alexander Bondinus (Agathermeros), Scipio Forteguerri, and Franciscus Caballus.


Bookplates (Provenance) , Botany , Cancel slips (Printing) , Early works to 1800 , Economics , Ethics, Ancient , Incunabula , Italy , Logic, Ancient , Mechanics , Metaphysics , Philosophy, Ancient , Physics , politics , Predicate (Logic) , Pre-Linnean works , Science, Ancient , Signed bindings (Binding) , Super-chancery folios , Zoology


Greek, Ancient


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.157605
OCLC: 828492517


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