American ornithology


American ornithology; or, The natural history of birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson

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Series: Museum of Comparative Zoology--Biodiversity Heritage Library digitization project


Bonaparte, Charles-Lucien, 1803-1857

Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813 , American ornithology
Audubon, John James, 1785-1851 , illustrator
Rider, Alexander, active 1810-1834 , illustrator
Peale, Titian Ramsay, 1799-1885 , illustrator
Lawson, Alexander, 1773-1846 , engravor




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Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Carey, 1825-33


Also published in microfilm: Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms [n.d] (American culture series, Reel 324.2)

Plates engraved by Alexander Lawson after drawings by T.R. Peale and Alexander Rider.

Anker, J. Bird books and bird art , | no. 47.

Contents: v. 1. Fork-tailed flycatcher = Muscicapa savana. Rocky-mountain antcatcher = Myiothera obsoleta. Golden-winged warbler, female = Sylvia chrysoptera. Swallow-tailed flycatcher = Muscicapa forficata. Arkansas flycatcher = Muscicapa verticalis. Say's flycatcher = Muscicapa saya. Golden-crowned gold-crest, female = Regulus cristatus. Yellow-headed troopial = Icterus icterocephalus. Cape-May warbler, female = Sylvia maritima. Great crow-blackbird = Quiscalus major. Common crow-blackbird, female = Quiscalus versicolor. Orange-crowned warbler = Sylvia celata. Lark finch = Fringilla grammaca. Crimson-necked bullfinch = Pyrrhula frontalis. Arkansas siskin = Fringilla psaltria. American goldfinch, female = Fringilla tristis. Lazuli finch = Fringilla amoena. Fulvous or cliff swallow = Hirundo fulva. Burrowing owl = Strix cunicularia. Yellow-bellied woodpecker, young = Picus varius. Band-tailed pigeon = Columba fasciata. Wild turkey = Meleagris gallopavo.

Contents: v. 2. Cooper's hawk = Falco cooperii. Palm warbler = Sylvia palmarum. White-tailed hawk = Falco dispar. Coerulean warbler, female = Sylvia azurea. Blue hawk = Falco cyaneus. Steller's jay = Garrulus stelleri. Lapland longspur = Emberiza lapponica. Florida jay = Garrulus floridanus. Northern three-toed woodpecker = Picus tridactylus. Red-headed woodpecker, young = Picus erythrocephalus. Evening grosbeak = Fringilla vespertina. Rose-breasted grosbeak, female = Fringilla ludoviciana. White-winged crossbill, female = Loxia leucoptera. Indigo finch, female = Fringilla cyanea.

Contents: v. 3. Pallas' dipper = Cinclus pallasii. Bohemian wax-wing = Bombycilla garrula. Pine bullfinch, female = Pyrrhula enucleator. White-crowned pigeon = Columba leucocephala. Zenaida dove = Columba zenaida. Dusky grous = Tetrao obscurus. Sharp-tailed grous = Tetrao phasianellus. Spotted grous = Tetrao canadensis. Cock of the plains = Tetrao urophasianus.

Contents: v. 4. Condor = Cathartes gryphus. Glossy ibis = Ibis falcinelus. Pectoral sandpiper = Tringa pectoralis. Red-breasted snipe = Scolopax grisea. Wilson's phalarope = Phalaropus Wilsonii. Schinz's sandpiper = Tringa schinzii. Piping plover = Charadrius melodus. Hyperborean phalarope = Phalaropus hyperboreus. Long-legged sandpiper = Tringa himantopus. Semipalmated plover, young = Charadrius semipalmatus. Peale's egret heron = Ardea pealii. Scolopaceous courlan = Aramus scolopaceus. Esquimaux curlew = Numenius borealis. Florida gallinule = Gallinula galeata. Yellow-breasted rail = Rallus noveboracensis.


Birds , Pictorial works , United States

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