[Abel Chapman's Sudan sketchbooks]


[Abel Chapman's Sudan sketchbooks]

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Alternative: Sudan sketchbooks, 1913-1918, Abel Chapman


Chapman, Abel, 1851-1929 , artist

Chapman, Abel, 1851-1929 , Savage Sudan
Russell E. Train Africana Collection (Smithsonian Libraries)
Smithsonian Field Book Project.




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[between 1913 and 1919]


Collective title devised by cataloger.

Each sketchbook has a handwritten label on its front cover: [1]. Sudan ii (dated Feb. 10, 1913 inside front cover); [2]. Sudan 1913-4, vol. i ("begin Nov. 20, 1913, finish Jan. 29, 1914" inscribed inside front cover); [3]. Sudan, 1913-4, vol. ii (dated Feb. 2, 1914 inside front cover); and [4]. Sudan, 1919 (dated Febr[uar]y 1919 inside front cover).

The sketchbooks were digitized as part of the Smithsonian Field Book Project.

Pencil sketches of wildlife and local scenery created by Abel Chapman during his travels in Sudan in 1913, 1914, and 1919. In some cases the sketches include captions describing the place and date when the subject was seen, as well as brief notes on colors, posture and other characteristic features. | Various types of birds are featured (for instance: eagles; geese; ducks; cormorants; pelicans, rollers, flycatchers, ostriches, and vultures), as well as some mammals (such as baboons, elephants, warthogs, hippopotamus, leopards, and giraffes), and a few insects and fish. There are a few sketches featuring Shilluk or Nuer people and their cultural objects.

Abel Chapman was an English big-game hunter and naturalist, particularly interested in ornithology. He traveled extensively in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Scandinavia, South Africa and Sudan, and collected specimens of wildlife for the Natural History Museum in London.

Forms part of: Russell E. Train Africana Collection (Smithsonian Institution. Libraries).


1851-1929 , Animals , Birds , Chapman, Abel, , Description and travel , Field notes , Natural history , Pictorial works , Sketchbooks , Sudan , Travel

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