Cuba, 1903-1906.
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Cuba, 1903-1906.

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Related/Analytical: List of series III. of Curtiss' West Indian plants : collected in the province of Havana, Cuba, in 1904-05.


Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934

Britton, Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth Gertrude), 1858-1934
Wilson, Percy, 1879-1944
Earle, F. S. (Franklin Sumner), 1856-1929
Taylor, Norman, 1883-1967
Curtiss, Allen Hiram, 1845-1907




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Field notes Vol. 68 documents Nathaniel Lord Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude Knight Britton, and Percy Wilson's botanical collecting in Cuba in 1903 on a New York Botanical Garden expedition, and other collections in Cuba by A.H. Curtiss, Norman Taylor, E. Cabada, and F.S. Earle. It is comprised of a list of specimen numbers 1-517 collected by the Brittons and Wilson in 1903 in Matanzas, Santa Clara, and Havana; another list of specimen numbers 213-764 collected by A.H. Curtiss in Isle of Pines in 1904; another list of specimen numbers 1-570 collected by Norman Taylor in Sevilla Estate near Santiago in 1906; another undated list of specimen numbers 1-10 collected by E. Cabada in Cienfuegos; and an undated list of specimen numbers 600-767 collected by F.S. Earle in Herradura. Entries typically include both genus and species, and locations for some. Individual entries are not dated. A pocket contains a copy of Curtiss' 1905 publication entitled List of series III. of Curtiss' West Indian plants : collected in the province of Havana, Cuba, in 1904-05, and five small fragments of notes and collection labels. This list was likely compiled in the NYBG Herbarium; the original field notes for Britton's 1903 specimen numbers 1-523 can be found in Field notes Vol. 157, and for Taylor's 1906 specimen numbers 1-570 in Field notes Vol. 158.


(Franklin Sumner), , 1845-1907 , 1856-1929 , 1858-1934 , 1859-1934 , 1879-1944 , 1883-1967 , Accession records , Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude, , Britton, Nathaniel Lord, , Catalogs and collections , Cuba , Curtiss, Allen Hiram, , Earle, F. S , Field notes , Plants , Taylor, Norman, , Wilson, Percy,

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