Studies in vertebrate paleobiology :
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Studies in vertebrate paleobiology : essays in honor of John R. Bolt

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Series: Fieldiana. no. 5

Series: Life and earth sciences,

Series: Publication / Field Museum of Natural History ; 1562


Lombard, Richard Eric.
Rieppel, Olivier.
Bolt, John R., 1940-
Field Museum of Natural History.




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Chicago, IL :Field Museum of Natural History,2012.


Contents: 1. Taphonomy in North America's most productive freshwater fossil locality: Fossil Basin, Wyoming / Samuel P. Sullivan, Lance Grande, Adrienne Gau, Christopher S. McAllister -- 2. The importance of recognizing our limited knowledge of the fossil record in the analysis of phylogenetic relationships among early tetrapods / Robert L. Carroll -- 3. A colosteid-like early tetrapod from the St. Louis limestone (early carboniferous, Meramecian), St. Louis, Missouri, USA / Jennifer A. Clack, Florian Witzmann, Johannes Müller, Daniel Snyder -- 4. The roots of amphibian morphospace: a geometric morphometric analysis of Paleozoic temnospondyls / Kenneth D. Angielczyk, Marcello Ruta -- 5. The evolution of the amphibian ear with implications for lissamphibian phyoegeny: insight gained from the caecilian inner ear / Hillary C. Maddin, Jason S. Anderson -- 6. Did triadobatrachus jump? Morphology and evolution of the anuran forelimb in relation to locomotion in early salientians / Trond Sigurdsen, David M. Green, Phillip J. Bishop -- 7. A new coelurosaurian theropod from the La Buttrera Fossil locality of Rio Negro, Argentina / Peter J. Makovicky, Sebastián Apesteguía, Federico A. Gianechini -- 8. "Regressed" macrostomatan snakes / Olivier Rieppel -- 9. Healed fractures in the neural spines of an associated skeleton of dimetrodon: implications for dorsal sail morphology and function / Elizabeth A. Rega., Ken Noriega, Stuart S. Sumida, Adam Huttenlocker, Andrew Lee, Brett Kennedy -- 10. Ontogeny in the Malagasy traversodontid dadadon isaloi and a reconsideration of its phylogenetic relationships / Christian F. Kammerer, John J. Flynn, Lovasoa Ranivoharimanana, André R. Wyss -- 11. The role of foraging mode in the origin of therapsids: implications for the origins of mammalian endothermy / James A. Hopson.


1940- , Amphibians, Fossil , Bolt, John R., , Fishes, Fossil , Paleobiology , Reptiles, Fossil , Research

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