Elementorum physiologiae, seu Philosophie naturalis libri septem


Elementorum physiologiae, seu Philosophie naturalis libri septem, : in duos tomos distincti, uniuersam artem methodikōs conplectentes

Title Variants

Alternative: Elementorum physiologiae

Alternative: Elementorvm physiologiae, seu Philosophie naturalis libri septem

Alternative: Philosophie naturalis libri septem


Monheim, Johannes, 1509-1564




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Coloniae, Ioannes Gymnicus excudebat, Anno M. D. XLII. [1542-M.D.XLIIII. [1544]]


The word "methodikōs" in title transcription of volume 1 is transliterated from the Greek.

Title page to voume 2 reads: "Tomvs secvndvs elementorum physiologiae, seu Philosophiae naturalis, tres libros continens: primus anima[lia], secundus plantas, tertius animalia describit" and has imprint: Coloniae haeredes Gymnici excudebant anno M.D.XLIIII [1544]

The plant section in volume 2 includes a section on the use of guaiacum "found in western Spanish Islands near America" for syphillis, plus additional plants from the Indies.

Pagination: volume 1: [68] leaves; volume 2: [304] leaves.

Signatures: volume 1:A-H⁸ I⁴ (I4 verso blank); volume 2: [alpha]-[iota]⁸ A-Z⁸ (S3, S5 missigned R3, R5) a-i⁸ (e4 missigned d4) k⁸ (-k8)

Errata: volume 1, leaf [68] recto.

Woodcut printer's vignette on title pages; initials.

Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachbereich erschienenen Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts (VD 16), | M 6152.

Adams, H.M. Catalogue of books printed on the continent of Europe, 1501-1600, in Cambridge libraries, | M-1603.

Text primarily in German with some words in Greek and headings in German for the names of plants.


Astronomy , Botany , Guaiac , Handbooks, manuals, etc , Imprint 1542 , Imprint 1544 , Materia medica, Vegetable , Physics , Science , Syphilis




OCLC: 1204298545


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