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Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914)

Mawson, Douglas, Sir, 1882-1958
Mawson, Douglas, Sir, 1882-1958




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Sydney, Govt. Printer, 1918-1943


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Expedition was under the leadership of Sir Douglas Mawson

V. 1 and 2 have indexes

Contents: v. 1. pt. 1. Narrative. pt. 2. cartography / by Douglas Mawson -- v. 2. Oceanography. pt. 1. Sea-floor deposits from soundings / by Frederick Chapman. pt. 2. Tidal observations / by A.T. Doodson. pt. 3. Soundings / by John K. Davis. pt. 4. Hydrological observations / by Douglas Mawson. pt. 5. Marine biological programme and other zoological and botanical activities / compiled by Douglas Mawson -- v. 3. Geology. pt. 1. The metamorphic rocks of Alelie land / by F.L. Stillwell. pt. 2. Metamorphic limestones of Commonwealth Bay, Alelie Land / by C.E. Tilley. pt. 3. The dolerites of King George Land and Adelie Land / by W.R. Browne. pt. 4. Amphibolites and related rocks from the Moraines, Cape Denison, Alelie Land / by F.L. Stillwell. pt. 5. Magnetite garnet rocks from the Moraines, Cape Denison, Adelie Land / by Arthur L. Coulson. pt. 6. Petrological notes on further rock specimens collected from (in situ occurrences) Commonwealth Bay region / by J.O.G. Glastonbury

Contents: v. 4. Geology. pt. 1. The Adelie Land meteorite / by P.G.W. Bayly. pt. 2. Petrology of rocks from Queen Mary Land / by S.R. Nockolds. pt. 3. Granites / by H.S. Summers and A.B. Edwards. pt. 4. Acid effusive and hypabyssal rocks from the Moraines / by J.O.G. Glastonbury. pt. 5. Basic igneous rocks and metamorphic equivalents from Commonwealth Bay / by J.O.G. Glastonbury. pt. 6. Certain epidotic rocks from the Moraines, Commonwealth Bay / by J.O.G. Glastonbury. pt. 7. Schists and genesis from the Moraines, Cape Denison, Adelie Land / by A.W. Kleeman -- v. 5. Macquarie Island, its geography and geology / Douglas Mawson


(1911-1914) , 1882-1958 , Antarctica , Aurora (Ship) , Australasian Antarctic Expedition , Australian , Discovery and exploration , Geology , Mawson, Douglas, , Oceanography , Scientific Expeditions , Sir,

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