American ornithology


American ornithology; or, The natural history of the birds of the United States... By ALexander Wilson. With a sketch of the author's life, by George Ord, F. L. S. & c

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Alternative: American ornithology

Alternative: Birds of the United States

Alternative: Natural history of the birds of the United States


Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813

Lawson, Alexander, 1773-1846 , engraver
Ord, George, 1781-1866




Published material

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New York, Harrison Hall, 1818-1829


Vols. 1-2 published in 1828, v. 3 and atlas in 1829.

"In three vols."

Originally published in 9 volumes, 1808-1814. This, the second full edition, was rearranged with additional notes by Wilson's friend and colleague George Ord.

Atlas has title: American ornithology, or, The natural history of the birds of the United States : plates engraved and coloured from original drawings taken from nature / by Alexander Wilson. Statement of responsibility precedes the word "Plates."

"The first new edition of Wilson's entire work (1808-14 ...), arranged in the systematic sequence of the species, not in the irregular order of the original"--Ayer Library, v.2, p. 681.

Volumes 1-2 published in 1828, volume 3 and atlas in 1829.

Vol. 1: cxcix, [1], 230, [2] p.; v. 2: vi, [9]-456 p.; v. 3: vi, 396 p.

Wood, | page 630

"The hand-colored drawings in the Atlas are from the original copper-plates ..."--Ayer Lib., p. 682.

Sabin, | 104598

"The original plates, engraved under the eye of Wilson, are employed in this edition, after having been carefully examined and retouched by Mr. Alexander Lawson, by whom most of them were executed"--Editor's preface to v. 1, p. vi.

BM (Natural History), | page 2332

"Sketch of the author's life," by George Ord: v. 1, p. [ix]-cxcix.

Nissen (IVB), | 992

Fine bird books, | 114

Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Library, | p. 681-682

Nissen, C. Die illustrierten Vogelbücher, | no. 992

"The second full edition of Wilson's work, with plates in their most desirable form. This is the most important work on American ornithology before Audubon."--William Reece Company.


1766-1813 , Birds , North America , Pictorial works , United States , Wilson, Alexander,




DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.25877
OCLC: 3589490


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