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Miyabe-festschrift, or A collection of botanical papers presented to Prof. Dr. Kingo Miyabe on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his academic service by his friends and pupils.


Miyabe, Kingo, 1860-1951




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English, German and Japanese.

Contents: 1. Ueber die uraschen der schwankungen des blutungsdruckes bei Cornus macrophylla Wall. Von Manabu Miyoshi.--2. Ueber die widerstandsfähigkelt einiger schimmelpilze gegen verschiedene zuckerarten. Von Atushi Yasuda.--3. Ueber die proschemotaxis der filicoiden spermatozoiden gegen die metallionen. Von Keita Shibata.--4. On a Japanese fungus probably identical with pietra fungaja (Polyporus tuberaster) of Italy. By Mitsutaro Shirai.--5. Studies on the pea-sickness of soils with special reference to its cause and remedy. By Shotaro Hori.--6. Die rothfäule von gingseng, verursachtet durch Bacillus araliaovorus und einige anderen bakterien arten Von Yejiro Uyeda.--7. On the abnormal thickening and gummosis of the basal portion of the witches' brooms of cherry trees. By Shunsuke Kusano.--8. Preliminary note on the study of a leaf-spot disease of rape. By Arata Ideta.--9. On the Sclerotina-diseases of rosaceous fruit trees in Japan. By Yoshinao Takahashi.--10. A contribution to the monograph of the parasitic Exoascaceae of Japan. By Toji Nishida.--11. On the Sclerotina diseases of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) By Jun Hanzawa.--

Contents: 12. On the distribution of mountain flora of Formosa. By Bunzo Hayata.--13. On the Alpine plants of Mount Morrison, Formosa. By Takiya Kawakami.--14. A taxonomic study on Lycopus parviflorus Maxim. By Elijoro Tokubuchi.--15. On the distribution of plants in Oki Island. By Elijoro Tokubuchi.--16. A note on the renewed vegetation after a fire on the summit of Mount Makkari. By Kingo Kondo.--17. A supplement to the Alpine flora of Mount Makkari.--18. On the flax culture and fibre manufacture in Hokkaido. By Naoharu Hiratsuka.--19. Entymological study on the Japanese name of Carex. By Jinzo Matsumura.--20. On the occurence of Sclerospora macrospora Sacc. onm rice plant. (A preliminary report) By Gentaro Yamada.--21. Notes on the species of Puccinia parasitic on the Japanese Ranunculaceae. By Seiya Ito.--22. Notes on some diseases of rice-plants and camphor trees. By Gompei Kurosawa.--23. Keimlinge der in Japan forstlich angebauten laubhölzer. Von Yoshinao Nishima.--24. Primula miyabeana: a new primrose from Mount Morrison in Formosa. By Tokutaro Ito.


Botany , Japan , Plant diseases




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