Through unknown African countries
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Through unknown African countries; the first expedition from Somaliland to Lake Lamu


Smith, Arthur Donaldson, 1866-1939

Crick, G. C. (George Charles), 1856-1917
Culin, Stewart, 1858-1929
Gregory, J. W. (John Walter), 1864-1932
Günther, Albert C. L. G. (Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf), 1830-1914
Holland, W. J. (William Jacob), 1848-1932
Jordan, Karl, 1861-1959
Pollard, Alfred W. 1859-1944
Simon, Eugène, 1848-1924




Published material

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London, E. Arnold, 1897.


Appendices: A. Report on a collection of fishes made by Dr. A. Donaldson Smith during his expedition to Lake Rudolf. By Dr. Albert Günther.--B. Order Araneæ. By Eugène Simon.--C. Solifugæ, Scorpiones, Chilopoda, and Diplopoda. By R. I. Pocock.--D. List of Lepidoptera Heterocera collected by Dr. A. Donaldson Smith. By W. J. Holland.--E. Note on Dr. Donaldson Smith's geological collection. By. J. W. Gregory.--F. On the fossil Cephalopoda from Somaliland collected by Dr. Donaldson Smith. By G. C. Crick.--G. Catalogue of ethnographical objects from Somaliland and the Galla country collected by Dr. A. Donaldson Smith, in Museum of science and art, University of Pennsylvania. By Stewart Culin.--H. Lists of a few words spoken by the Konso, Dume, and Arbore (Amar) tribes.--I. Coleoptera. By Dr. Karl Jordan.--J. Emperor Menelek's letter. (French translation)


Africa, East , Description and travel , Natural history , Scientific Expeditions




DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.34847
OCLC: 852411


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