The natural history of Washington territory
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The natural history of Washington territory, with much relating to Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, and California, between the thirty-sixth and forty-ninth parallels of latitude, being those parts of the final reports on the survey of the Northern Pacific railroad route, containing the climate and physical geography, with full catalogues and descriptions of the plants and animals collected from 1853 to 1857.


Cooper, J. G. (James Graham), 1830-1902

Suckley, George, 1830-1869
Cooper, William, 1798?-1864
Gibbs, George, 1815-1873
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888
LeConte, John L. (John Lawrence), 1825-1883
United States. War Dept. , Reports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain the ... route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.




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New York :Baillière brothers,1859.


"This volume consists of those parts of the [twelfth vol.] of the Pacific railroad reports, which describe the natural condition and products of the country traversed by the surveying expedition near

Contents: Preface, including a brief narrative of the explorations from 1853 to 1857.--Errata, with additions and corrections up to 1860.--pt. I. Meteorology.--pt. II. Botanical reports: 1. Report upon the botany of the route, by J. G. Cooper. 2. Catalogue of plants collected east of the Rocky mountains, by Asa Gray. 3. Catalogue of plants collected in Washington territory, by J. G. Cooper.--pt. III. Zoological report: 1. Insects, by John T. [!] Leconte. 2. Mammals, by J. G. Cooper, G. Suckley and G. Gibbs. 3. Birds: Land birds, by J. G. Cooper; Water birds, by G. Suckley. 4. Reptiles, by J. G. Cooper. 5. Fishes, by G. Suckley. 6. Mollusca, by William Cooper. 7. Crustacea, by J. G. Cooper.


Natural history , Washington (State)

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