The transactions of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union.
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The transactions of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union.

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Alternative: Botanical transactions of the Yorkshire naturalists' union

Alternative: Entomological transactions of the Yorkshire naturalists' union

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Yorkshire Naturalists' Union




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Parts 30-34 published at Hull.

The Transactions include papers in all departments of the Yorkshire fauna and flora, and are issued in annual parts containing signatures of the various sections (A-F); the groups are paged independently. For convience in indentifying the parts, the contens given below are in two arrangements, first in the order of publication and second as monographs assembled from the parts. The covers of pt. 1-35, which contain much valuable bibliographical information concerning the set, are bound together in one volume. A record of this publication, with full contents of pts. 1-35 is given in T. Sheppard's Yorkshire contributions to science, 1916, p. 123-126.

Incomplete Contents: pt. 1, 1887. The birds of Yorkshire, pt, I, p.1-16.--Land and freshwater Mollusca, pt. I, p. 1-16.--Yorkshire Macro-lepidoptera, Diptera, etc., p. 2-48.--Botanical reports, p. 1-8.--pt. 2, 1878. Yorkshire Hymenoptera, p. 49-64.--Moss flora of the East Riding, etc., pt. 1, p.9-56.--pt. 3, 1878. The birds of Yorkshire, pt. II, p. 17-48.--Yorkshire Hymenoptera, etc., p. 65-67.--Yorkshire Ichneumonidæ, etc., p. 68-70.--Yorkshire Macro-lepidoptera, etc. p.71-80.--pt. 4, 1879. The birds of Yorkshire, pt. III, p. 49-64.--Yorkshire Macro-lepidoptera, p. 81-91.--Yorkshire Hymenoptera, p. 92-96.--Moss flora of East Yorkshire, pt. II, p. 57-61.--Liverworts of the East Riding, p. 62-63.--Report of Botanical section, p. 64-104.--pt. 5, 1880. Lit of Yorkshire Mollusca (continued) p. 17-32.--Yorkshire Hymenoptera, p. 97-112.--Yorkshire Lepidoptera, p. 1-14.--Botanical reports, p. 105-120.--pt. 6, 1881. List of Yorkshire Lepoidoptera, p. 15-94.--pt. 7, 1882. List of Yorkshire Lepidoptera, p.

Incomplete Contents: 95-158.--Yorkshire botany for 1880, p. 121-123.--Botanical reports, p. 124.--The flora of Ripon, p. 125-152.--Meteorology of Bradford.--pt. 9, 1884. The birds of Yorkshire, pt. IV, p. 6-80.--List of land and freshwater Mollusca (continued) p. 49-64.--List of Yorkshire Lepidoptera (continued) p. 159-190.--List of Coleoptera of Yorkshire, p. 1-16.--Botanical note, etc., p. 201-208.--List of Yorkshire Fungi, p. 209-224.--Meteorology of Bradford.--pt. 10, 1885. List of Yorkshire coleoptera (continued) p. 17-48.--The flora of Dewsbury and neighbourhood, p. 225-248.--Meteorology of Bradford.--Reprints of excursion circulars, nos. 61-70 (except no. 65).--25th annual report, etc., 8 p. (numbered p. 143-150)--pt. 11, 1885. North Yorkshire, pt. I, by J.G. Baker, p. 1-45.--pt. 12, 1886. North Yorkshire, pt. II, by J.G. Baker, p. 49-144.--pt. 13, 1887. North Yorkshire, pt. III, by J.G. Baker, p. 14-272.--pt. 14, 1888. Yorkshire carboniferous flora, by Robert Kidston, pt. I, p. 3-66.--pt.

Incomplete Contents: 15, 1889. North Yorkshire, pt. IV, by J.G. Baker, p. 273-336.--pt. 16, 1890. List of freshwater Mollusca (contined) p. 65-80.--List of Yorkshire Coleoptera (continued) p. 49-64.--First supplement to the Flora of Dewsbury, p. 249-264.--Botanical reports, etc., p. 267-292.--Meteorology of Bradford.--Reprints of excursion circulars, nos. 72-94 (except nos. 76, 77, 83, 89)--26th, 27th, 28th and 29th annual reports, etc., 72 p.--pt. 17, 1891. North Yorkshire, pt. V, by J.B. Baker, p. 337-400.--pt. 18, 1892. Yorkshire carboniferous flora, pt. II, p. 65-128.--pt. 19, 1893. Yorkshire carboniferous flora, pt. III, p. 129-146.--pt. 20, 1894, Report on Lepidoptera for 1891, p. 141-156.--List of coleoptera of Yorkshire (continued) p. 6-96.--Address by Robert Braithwaite, on the Study of mosses, p. 1-16.--Meteorology of Bradford.--Reprints of excursion circulars, nos. 96-127 (except nos. 101, 107, 113, 121)--30th, 31st, 32d, and 33d annual reports, etc., 56 p.


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