Flore médicale


Flore médicale


Chaumeton, François Pierre, 1775-1819

Chamberet, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Tyrbas de, 1779-1870
Lubrecht, Harry, 1908-1997
Panckoucke, Ernestine, 1784-1860
Poiret, Jean-Louis-Marie, 1755-1834
Turpin, P. J. F. (Pierre Jean François), 1775-1840




Published material

Publication info

Paris, Imprimerie de C.L.F. Panckoucke, 1833-1835


Nouvelle publication.


This edition apparently not issued with J.L.M. Poiret's Partie élémentaire (also known as Leçons de flore) and P.J.F. Turpin's Iconographie végétale, which are works that accompanied some other editions. As Stafleu and Cowan have noted about this publication in general, "the information in the literature is complex and not always clear."

Issued in 90 livraisons. The number of the livraison appears in the running footer for each part.

Set includes plates numbered 1 through 349, in addition to the following "bis"-numbered plates: 33 bis; 54 bis; 83 bis; 112 bis; 120 bis; 123 bis; 129 bis; 148 bis; 231 bis; 307 bis; and 333 bis.

The letters "a.l.l." appear in the lower right corner of some of the plates, perhaps indicating "avant le lettre," although the plates also have the engraved captions.

Mme. E.P. is identified in t. 2, etc. as Mme. E. Panckoucke.

The text pages are unnumbered.

The plates are hand-colored, with blank tissue guard-sheets.

Contents: t. 1 (1833) Absinthe-Basilic -- t. 2 (1833) Baumier du Pérou-Chèvre-feuille -- t. 3 (1833) Chicorée-Frêne -- t. 4 (1834) Fumeterre-Melon -- t. 5 (1834) Menianthe-Quinquina piton -- t. 6 (1835) Raifort-Zédoaire.

Stafleu & Cowan. Taxonomic lit., | 1091

Nissen, C. Botanische Buchillustration (2. Aufl.), | 349


Botany, Medical , Herbals , Materia medica, Vegetable , Pictorial works , Plants

Call Number

QK99 .C49 1833




DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.46983
OCLC: 8357558
Wikidata: https://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q51476516
Wikidata: https://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q51476518


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