Guide to the insects of Connecticut
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Guide to the insects of Connecticut

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Series: Bulletin (State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut)16, 22, 34, 39. no. 16, 22, 34, 39, 64, 68, 69, 75, 80, 107.


Britton, Wilton Everett, 1868-1939

Brues, Charles T. (Charles Thomas), 1879-1955
Garman, Philip, 1891-
MacGillivray, Alexander Dyer, 1868-1924
Rohwer, S. A. (Sievert Allen), 1887-1951
Viereck, Henry Lorenz, 1881-1931
Walden, Benjamin Hovey.
Wheeler, William Morton, 1865-1937




Published material

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Hartford,Printed for The State Geological and Natural History Survey,1911-27.


State of Connecticut. Public document no. 47.

Parts I-II contained in Bulletin 16.

Contents: pt. 1-2. General introduction, by W. E. Britton. The Euplexoptera and Orthoptera of Connecticut, by B. H. Walden. -- pt. 3. The Hymenoptera, or wasp-like insects of Connecticut, by H. L. Viereck. --pt. 4, The Hemiptera, or sucking insects of Connecticut, by W. E. Britton. -- pt. 5, The Odonata, or dragonflies of Connecticut. -- pt. 6, The Diptera, or true flies of Connecticut : fasc. 1. External morphology; key to families; Tanyderidae, Ptychopteridae, Trichoceridae, Anisopodidae, Tipulidae, by G. C. Crampton, C. H. Curran, and C. P. Alexander. fasc. 2. Family Culicidae, the mosquitoes, by R. Matheson. fasc. 3. Asilidae, by S. W. Bromley. fasc. 4. Family Tabanidae, by G. B. Fairchild. Family Phoridae, by C. T. Brues. fasc. 5. Midges and gnats. Tendipedidae (Chironomidae) by O. A. Johannsen and H. K. Townes. Heleidae (Ceratopogonidae) by O. A. Johannsen. Fungivoridae (Mycetophilidae) by F. R. Shaw and E. G. Fisher. --pt. 7, The Plecoptera or stoneflies of Connecticut, by S. W. Hitchcock (1974).


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