The Wilder quarter-century book


The Wilder quarter-century book: a collection of original papers dedicated to Professor Burt Green Wilder at the close of his 25th year of service in Cornell University (1868-1893)


Wilder, Burt G. (Burt Green), 1841-1925
Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931
Comstock, John Henry, 1849-1931
Dudley, William Russel, 1849-1911
Corson, Eugene Rollin, 1855-
Gage, Simon Henry, 1851-1944




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Ithaca, N.Y, Comstock, 1893


Contents: Portrait of Professor Burt Green Wilder. Engr. by John P. Davis.-List of the more important scientific publications of Professor Wilder.-Table showing the number of students taught by Professor Wilder.-Jordan, D. S. Temperature and vertebrae.-Comstock, Anna B. I. Engraving of a cat. II. Engravings of moths.-Comstock, J. H. Evolution and taxonomy.-Corson, E. R. The vital equation of the colored race and its future in the United States.-Howard, L. O. The correlation of structure and host-relation among the Encyrtinae.-Smith, T. The fermentation tube.-Krauss, W. C. Muscular atrophy considered as a sympton.-Gage, Susanna P. The brain of Diemyctylus viridescens.-Biggs, H. M. A bacterial study of acute cerebral and cerebro-spinal lepto-meningitis.-Branner, J. C. Observations upon the erosion in the hydrographic basin of the Arkansas river.-Moore, V. A. The character of the flagella [of bacteria].-Hopkins, G. S. The lymphatics and enteric epithelium of Amia calva.

Contents: Fish, P. A. Brain preservation.-Dudley, W. R. The genus Phyllospadix.-Gage, S. H. The lake and brook lampreys of New York.-Roberts, M. J. Flash-light photography in surgery and medicine (not printed)


(Burt Green), , 1841-1925 , African Americans , Anatomy , Evolution , physiology , Wilder, Burt G , Zoology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.55980
LCCN: 05004787
OCLC: 3218719


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