Bulletin no. 1[-17] March 1902[-February, 1909]


Bulletin no. 1[-17] March 1902[-February, 1909]


United States. Yellow Fever Institute.

Wyman, Walter, 1848-1911
Glover, Merwin W.
Eager, John Macaulay, 1862-1916
Grubbs, Samuel Bates, 1871-
Skinner, Robert Peet, 1866-
Carter, Henry Rose, 1852-1925
Parker, Herman B.
Beyer, George E. (George Eugene), 1861-1926
Pothier, Oliver Louis, 1864-1926
Rosenau, M. J. (Milton Joseph), 1869-1946
Francis, Edward, 1872-
Goldberger, Joseph, 1874-1929
Guiteras, Gregorio Mario, 1863-1934




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Washington, Govt. Print. Off, 1902-09


Walter Wyman, surgeon-general, Public health and marine hospital service.

Nos. 1-7, each dated March, 1902, were issued in one pamphlet, with title, "Yellow fever institute, Bulletins nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Treasury department, U. S. Marine-hospital service ... Bulletin on organization and progress of the institute and bulletins from Section A--History and statistics; Section C--Transmission; and Section D--Quarantine management and treatment. March, 1902."

Contents: no. 1. Report on organization and progress of the institute (Abstract of Minutes)--no. 2. Yellow fever--why did not New Orleans have invasions of the disease in early times, while Boston did? By M. W. Glover.--no. 3. Yellow fever in Europe--a general historical review, by J. M. Eager.--no. 4. Yellow fever in Portugal, by J. M. Eager.--no. 5. Yellow fever in Spain, by J. M. Eager.--no. 6. A note on mosquitoes in baggage, by S. B. Grubbs.--no. 7. Yellow fever--its occurrence and quarantine management at the port of Marseille, France. From report of the consul-general of the United States at Marseille [Robert P. Skinner] to the Department of State.--no. 8. (May, 1902) Yellow fever in France, Italy, Great Britain, and

Contents: Austria, and Bibliography of yellow fever in Europe [by J. M. Eager]--no. 9 (July, 1902) Are vessels infected with yellow fever? Some personal observations, by H. R. Carter.--no. 10. (July, 1902) The methods of conveyance of yellow fever infection, by H. R. Carter.--no. 11. (March, 1903) Vessels as carriers of mosquitoes, by S. B. Grubbs.--no. 12. (March, 1903) The early history of quarantine: origin of sanitary measures directed against yellow fever, by J. M. Eager.--no. 13. (March, 1903) Report of working party no. 1, Yellow fever institute. A study of the etiology of yellow fever, by Herman B. Parker, George E. Beyer, O. L. Pothier.--no. 14. (May, 1904) Report of working party no. 2, Yellow fever institute. Experimental studies in yellow fever and malaria at Vera Cruz, Mexico, by M. J. Rosenau, Herman B. Parker, Edward Francis, George E. Beyer.--no. 15. (January, 1906) Report of working party no. 3, Yellow fever institute. Attempts to grow the yellow


Mosquitoes , Quarantine , Yellow fever

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