Die Grossschmetterlinge der Erde


Die Grossschmetterlinge der Erde : eine systematische Bearbeitung der bis jetzt bekannten Grossschmetterlinge

Title Variants

Alternative: Gross-schmetterlinge der Erde


Seitz, Adalbert, 1860-1938 , compiler,

Hochdanz, E., , engraver
Werner & Winter, , lithographer
Alfred Kernen Verlag, , publisher




Published material

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Stuttgart, Verlag des Seitzschen Werkes (Alfred Kernen), 1907-[1954?]


Issued in parts (Lieferungen), each usually containing 8 pages of text and 2 plates

Foreword in 1. Abteilung, 1. Band dated 1909; collective title page for 2. Abteilung, 5. Band has imprint date: 1907

According to Griffin in his 1936 article, cited elsewhere in this record, "[I]t is already a matter of the greatest difficulty to assign even an approximate date to any given part, and in many instances quite impossible," because of the extended length of time over which the various Lieferungen were issued. The latest publication date (appearing on the title page for the supplementary volume to 4. Band) is 1954

Imprint in 1. Abteilung, 1. Band ("Verlag des Seitzschen Werkes (Alfred Kernen)") is mounted on the title page as a printed slip of paper. Apparently after a 2-volume set under the same title was issued by the publisher Fritz Lehmann of Stuttgart in 1906, the planned project of 16 volumes with 4 supplements, of the Palaearctic fauna and the Exoctic fauna, was transferred to the publisher Alfred Kernen

Each Band in 1. Abteilung consists of 2 volumes (text and plates)

Illustrations lithographed by Werner & Winter (Frankfurt am Main) and engraved by Emil Hochdanz (Stuttgart), according to the Vorwort in 1. Abteilung, 1. Band, page [A]

An English language translation was issued by the publisher Fritz Lehmann of Stuttgart between 1906 and 1933 under the title "The Macrolepidoptera of the world"

For publication history, see: Griffin, F.J. The contents of the parts and the dates of appearance of Seitz' Grossschmetterlinge der Erde (The Macrolepidoptera of the world), Lieferungen 1 to 130 Palaearctic and 1 to 575 Exotic. Volumes 1 to 16, 1907-1935. In: Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, volume 85, part 10, pages 243-279, 19th June 1936

Contents: 1. Abteilung. Die grossschmetterlinge des Palearktischen Faunengebietes. 1. Band. Die palearktischen Tagfalter. 2. Band. Die palearktischen Spinner & Schwärmer. 1912-1913. 3. Band. Die eulenartigen Nachtfalter (plate vol. entitled: Die palearktischen Eulen). 1914. 4. Band. Die spannerartigen Nachtfalter (plate volume entitled: Die palearktischen Spanner). 1915. 5. Band. Die amerikanischen Tagfalter. 1924. 6. Band. Die amerikanischen Spinner und Schwärmer. 1940. Supplement zu Banden 1-4 (4 volumes issued in 1932, 1933, 1938 and 1954, respectively)

Contents: 2. Abteilung. Die exotischen Grossschmetterlinge. 5.-8. Band. Die Grossschmetterlinge des amerikanischen Faunengebietes. 9.-12. Band. Indo-Australische Fauna. 13.-16. Band. Afrikanische Fauna


Butterflies , Classification , Identification , Lepidoptera

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