The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands


The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands : containing the figures of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, insects, and plants : particularly, the forest-trees, shrubs, and other plants, not hitherto described, or very incorrectly figured by authors : together with their descriptions in English and French : to which, are added observations on the air, soil, and waters : with remarks upon agriculture, grain, pulse, roots, &c. : to the whole, is prefixed a new and correct map of the countries treated of

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Translated: Histoire naturelle de la Caroline, la Floride, & les Isles Bahama


Catesby, Mark, 1683-1749

Royal Society (Great Britain)




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London, Printed at the expence of the author, and sold by W. Innys and R. Manby, at the West End of St. Paul's, by Mr. Hauksbee, at the Royal Society House, and by the author, at Mr. Bacon's in Hoxton, MDCCXXXI-MDCCXLIII [i.e. 1729-1747]


Pagination: v. 1: i-iv, [2], v-xii, xliv, 100 p., [2], 100 leaves of plates (the map is printed on folded double leaves, tipped in on a stub); v. 2: 100 p., [100] leaves of plates; appendix (bound at end of v. 2): 20 p., 20 plates; [8] p. (=indexes).

Work originally issued in 11 parts, each including 20 plates (v. 1 issued in parts 1-5, between 1729-1732; v. 2 issued in parts 6-10, between 1734-1743; and the Appendix, issued in 1747). The t.p. for v. 1 is dated 1731, and the t.p. for v. 2 is dated 1743. Catesby is on record as having presented the completed Appendix to the Royal Society on 2 July 1747 (Royal Society journal book, v. 20, p. 307).

The first edition exists in several different typesettings, since some sections were reset and printed for additional subscribers, and minor typographical errors were corrected. The typesetting of the last line of French text on p. 9 is diagnostic for identifying the version of an individual copy (possible endings include: "ver."; "l'hiver."; or "d'un grand usage.").

The word "prefixed" in the subtitle of v. 1 was originally printed as "perfixed," with the corrected spelling of the first three letters appearing on a printed label mounted on the t.p.

Volume 1 is dedicated to Queen Caroline; v. 2 is dedicated to the Princess of Wales, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg.

The title pages are printed in red and black.

Head- and tail-pieces; initials.

The first twenty pages of descriptive text in v. 2 are misnumbered as 121-140. In most copies, these erroneous page numbers were corrected at the time of publication with lead white paint (usually now oxidized to a silvery gray or reddish stain); the number for p. 20 has also been corrected in handwritten ink.

"A list of the encouragers [i.e subscribers] of this work"--Leaf inserted in v. 1, between pages iv and v.

"An account of Carolina and the Bahama Islands. Relation de la Caroline, et des Isles de Bahama": t. 1, p. i-xliv.

The indexes (on 7 unnumbered pages, with verso of the final p. blank) are generally bound in v. 2 following the Appendix.

Nissen, C. Zoologische Buchillustration, | Bd. 1, no. 842

ESTC (online) | T147031

Text in English and French in parallel columns.


Bahamas , Florida , Natural history , North Carolina , Pictorial works , Pre-Linnean works , South Carolina

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