Recueil de divers oiseaux étrangers et peu communs


Recueil de divers oiseaux étrangers et peu communs

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Uniform: Sammlung verschiedener ausländischer und seltener Vögel


Huth, Georg Leonhart, 1705-1761

Edwards, George, 1694-1773 , Gleanings of natural history.
Edwards, George, 1694-1773 , Natural history of uncommon birds.
Catesby, Mark, 1683-1749 , Natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands.
Seligmann, Johann Michael, 1720-1762 , engraver.




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A Nuremberg, Chez les Héritiers de Seligmann, 1768-1776


Text is in French; plate captions are in German, French, and Latin.

"In 1749-76, there was published in Nuremberg a German translation, by G.L. Huth, of Edwards's 'A natural history of uncommon birds' and 'Gleanings of natural history' ... and Catesby's 'Natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands,' combined into one work under the title of Sammlung verschiedenen [i.e. verschiedener] ausla¨ndischer und seltener Vo¨gel. This was published in nine parts. The plates of Edwards and Catesby were re-engraved by Seligmann and some of those by Edwards further embellished by the addition of figures of plants not in the originals" --J.T. Zimmer, Ayer Lib., p. 200-201.

Ptie. 1-2 were published in 1768; ptie. 3, 1770; ptie. 4, 1771; ptie. 5, 1772; ptie. 6, 1773; ptie. 7, 1774; and ptie. 8-9, 1776.

Colophon of ptie. 2: De l'imprimerie de Jean Henr. Godefroy Bieling; colophon of ptie. 8: de l'imprimerie de G.P.J. Bieling.

Collation: ptie. 1. [18], 52 p., plates I-L; ptie. 2. [2], 56 p., frontispiece, plates LI-CII; ptie. 3. [2], 50, [2] p., plates I-L; ptie. 4. [2], 88, [2] p., frontispiece, plates LI-CXIV; ptie. 5. [2], 52, [2] p., plates I-LII; ptie. 6. [2] 56, [2] p., plates LIII-CV; ptie. 7. [2], 58, [2] p., plates I-L; ptie. 8, 70, [2] p., plates LI-C; ptie. 9. 44 p., plates I-L.

Head- and tail-pieces (some signed "CS"); engraved vignettes on t.p.'s.

Anker, J. Bird books, | 463

Nissen, C. Die illustrierten Vogelbücher, | 858


Birds , Natural history , Pictorial works

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