Correspondence : Durand (Elias) and Engelmann (George)


Correspondence : Durand (Elias) and Engelmann (George), 1845-1870


Durand, Elias, 1794-1873




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Incoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Elias Magliore Durand, for 1845-1870. The correspondence relates to the exchange of information and plants for collections. Durand's need for Lindheimer collections. Formula against insects. Preparation of special North American herbarium by Academy of Science. Offer of herbarium to Engelmann. Political situation following the Civil War. Franco-Prussian War. Durand's herberium transferred to Garden of plants in Paris. Nuttall's Arkansas and Oregon plants, expedition to Oregon and California, penchant for applying different names to the same plant, Pinus collections, Isoetes collections, itinerary. Rafinesque's herbarium and its awful condition, his craziness and ability to create many species from one specimen. Gray and Engelmann sending an expedition to Santa Fe. Gray's new edition. Cooperation in exchange of specimens. Nicollet's Northwestern and Northeastern plants. Dr. Hale's Louisiana plants. Mr. Beyrich's Oregon plants. Charles Wright collections. Wislizenus' excellence of his Santa Fe collections. Introduction for Engelmann to Decaisne, Gay and Groenland. Excellence of Dr. Short's Herbarium. Michaux's plants. Mr. Winder's southern sympathies with a discussion of politics. Buist's work in Philadelphia. Charles Aubry and Porter's expedition to the Great Lakes. Alexander's Co. American plants. Baldwin's Paraguay plants. Prof. Ennis' collections on the Pasaic River. Austin's dispute with Lesquereux. Lincecum's journey to Tuxpan. Deaths of Prof. Dewey and Startwell. Dr. Chapman's invoice of Desiderata. Plants for Mr. Collier's herbarium collected by Baldwin. Kellogg's Alaskan collection given to Academy by Dr. Davidson of Coast survey.

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Arkansas , Austin, C. F , Beyrich, Heinrich Karl , Bigelow, John M , Bolander, Henry N , Boott, William, , Botanical specimens , Brewer, William Henry, , Buckley, S. B , Buist, Robert, , California , Callitrichaceae , Callitriche , Chapman, A. W , Collectors and collecting , Correspondence , Davidson, George, , Death and burial , Decaisne, Joseph, , Dewey, Chester, , Discovery and exploration , Durand, Elias, , Engelmann, George, , Ennis, Jacob , Fendler, Augustus, , Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871 , Gambel, William, , Gay, Jacques Etienne, , Geyer, Karl Andreas, , Gray, Asa, , Grönland, Johannes, , Hale, Josiah, , Herbarium , Hilgard, Eugene W , Identification , Insect baits and repellents , Isoetaceae , Isoetes , Jü̈rgens, G. H. B , Kilvington, Robert, , LeConte, John L , Leidy, Joseph, , Lemnaceae , Lesquereux, Leo, , Letters , Lincecum, Gideon, , Lindheimer, Ferdinand, , Louisiana , Mead, Samuel Barnum , Michaux, François André, , Nicollet, J. N , Northeastern States , Northwestern States , Nuttall, Thomas, , Oregon , Parry, C. C , Pinaceae , Pinus , Plants , Politics and government , Rafinesque, C. S , Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) , Robbins, J. W , Rothrock, Joseph T., , Santa Fe (N.M.) , Sartwell, H. P , Short, Charles Wilkins, , Smith, Aubrey H , Smith, Charles E , Spach, Edouard, , Sullivant, William Starling, , Travel , Trécul, Auguste, , United States , Wislizenus, F. A , Wolffia , Wolle, Francis, , Wood, Alphonso, , Wright, Charles,

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