Correspondence : Hilgard (Eugene) to Engelmann (George)


Correspondence : Hilgard (Eugene) to Engelmann (George), 1847-1883


Hilgard, Eugene W. (Eugene Woldemar), 1833-1916




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Incoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Eugene Woldemar Hilgard, for 1847-1883. The correspondence relates to May and Sohne microscope for sale; shortage of paper, space, difficulties in collections; Academy. Report is stuck at Hogan's; Barlsdale is the printer and Hogan the publisher of his report; difficulties with funds; may give up his job as state geologist to become a chemistry professor. Dr. Maugh of St. Louis, an army man, is a militant competitor against Hilgard as chemistry professor; intended publication; is penny royal oil from Mentha pulegium of Hedeoma pulegiodes?; plans to go to fields of New Iberia to study dendrological structures; problems with Vitis fruits being eaten as raisins; discussion of new system of classification; Hray's textbook; Darwin's contributions; LeMont and Decaisne's theories. Villad's advice about travelling overland from Oregon - don't do it!; census work to do. Engelmann suffering from gout after trip west; projected trip taking young Eugene (son) up Cascades. Method for removing fossils from deposits. Engelmann's plan to go to Europe. Working on the borings of the Mississippi River Commission from Memphis to Lake Providence.

Folder contains original letters.

Original material in German, with typewritten English translations, and English.


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