The complete writings of Thomas Say, on the conchology of the United States


The complete writings of Thomas Say, on the conchology of the United States

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Alternative: On the conchology of the United States


Say, Thomas, 1787-1834 , author,

Binney, W. G. (William Greene), 1833-1909 , editor
Say, Lucy Way Sistare, 1801-1886 , illustrator
Lesueur, Charles Alexandre, 1778-1846 , illustrator
Tiebout, Cornelius, 1777-1832 , engraver
Lyon, Lyman, 1833 or 1834 , engraver
Walker, James , engraver
Koehler, Otto, active 1820-1860 , lithographer
Baillière, Hippolyte, , publisher
J.-B. Baillière et fils, , publisher
Bailly-Baillière e hijos (Firm), , publisher




Published material

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New York, H. Bailliere, 1858


"Contains all the writings of Mr. Say on recent conchology, excepting his 'Glossary of conchology', and 'List of exotic shells in my cabinet'."--Preface, page [iii]

"The plates include all the figures ever published by Mr. Say. Plates 1 to 68, inclusive, have been printed from the original coppers of the 'American Conchology.' Plates 69, 70, 71, 72, are fac similes of the plates of Nicholson<U+2019>s Encyclopedia. On plate 70 will also be found fac similes of the figures of Modiola opifex, from the Journal of the Academy. Plates 73 and 74 are printed from the original copper-plates of Long<U+2019>s Expedition, which have been purchased by Mr. Baillière. Plate 75 is now for the first time published from a copper-plate prepared by Mr. Say." -- Preface, pages [iii]-iv

Plates chiefly illustrated by Mrs. Lucy Way Sistare Say; plates 51 and 52 illustrated by C.A. Lesueur; and plates 69-72 illustrated by T. Say. Engravers include C. Tiebout; L. Lyon; O. Köhler [lithographer]; and J. Walker

Stipple-engraved plates are hand-colored

"List of works containing the conchological writings of Thomas Say": pages [v]-vi

Plate 73 is also numbered as 14, and plate 74 is also numbered as 15; the final plate [75] is numbered as 2

Errata: page 236


Mollusks , Pictorial works , United States

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