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Kennedy, George G. (George Golding), 1841-1918 , addressee

Bacon, Alice Elizabeth, 1857-1937 , correspondent
Bailey, L. H. (Liberty Hyde), 1858-1954 , correspondent
Bailey, William Whitman, 1843-1914 , correspondent
Baker, Harvey Humphrey, 1869-1915 , correspondent
Barnes, Charles Reid, 1858-1910 , correspondent
Bishop, James N. (James Nathaniel), 1851-1906 , correspondent
Brainerd, Ezra, 1844-1924 , correspondent
Braithwaite, Robert, 1824-1917 , correspondent
Briggs, George K. , correspondent
Britton, Elizabeth G. (Elizabeth Gertrude), 1858-1934 , correspondent
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934 , correspondent
Brusati, Luigi, , correspondent
Churchill, Joseph Richmond, 1845-1933 , correspondent
Collins, Frank S. (Frank Shipley), 1848-1920 , correspondent
Collins, J. Franklin (James Franklin), 1863-1940 , correspondent
Crocker, George G. (George Glover), 1843-1913 , correspondent
Cummings, Prentiss, , correspondent
Cutter, Marshall Munroe, , correspondent
Deane, Walter, 1848-1930 , correspondent
Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919 , correspondent
Faxon, Charles Edward, 1846-1918 , correspondent
Faxon, Edwin, 1823-1898 , correspondent
Faxon, Walter, 1848-1920 , correspondent
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon, 1873-1950 , correspondent
Floyd, Frederick Gillan, 1869-1941 , correspondent
Gibbs, W. B., , correspondent
Goodale, George L. (George Lincoln), 1839-1923 , correspondent
Greenough, Charles P. (Charles Pelham), 1844-1924 , correspondent
Grout, A. J. (Abel Joel), 1867-1947 , correspondent
Hancock, John, 1737-1793 , autographer
Heller, Amos Arthur, 1867-1944 , correspondent
Hodges, Almon Danforth, 1801-1878 , correspondent
Holzinger, J. M. (John Michael), 1853-1929 , correspondent
Hooker, Joseph Dalton, 1817-1911 , correspondent
Huntington, John Warren, , correspondent
Ingraham, Rhoby, , correspondent
Jesup, Henry G. (Henry Griswold), 1826-1903 , correspondent
Jones, L. R. (Lewis Ralph), 1864-1945 , correspondent
Kidder, Nathaniel Thayer, 1860- , correspondent
Lorenz, Annie, 1879-1927 , correspondent
Lorenz, William Albert, , correspondent
Macoun, James Melville, 1862-1920 , correspondent
Macoun, John, 1831-1920 , correspondent
Morong, Thomas, , correspondent
Rand, Edward L. (Edward Lothrop), 1859-1924 , correspondent
Richardson, W. L. (William Lambert), 1842-1932 , correspondent
Robertson, J. Ross (John Ross), 1841-1918 , correspondent
Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln, 1864-1935 , correspondent
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900 , autographer
Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927 , correspondent
Thaxter, Roland, 1858-1932 , correspondent
Tilden, Josephine E. (Josephine Elizabeth) , correspondent
Tilton, George Henry, 1845- , correspondent
Trelease, William, 1857-1945 , correspondent
True, Rodney H. (Rodney Howard), 1866-1940 , correspondent
Whorf, Edward Henry, , correspondent
Williams, Blanche E. Wheeler, , correspondent
Williams, Emile Francis, 1858-1929 , correspondent
Harvard University. , correspondent
Quincy's Market (Boston, Mass.), , correspondent




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Letters A-D: Consists of letters written to George Kennedy from 108 correspondents with surnames starting with A-D, mostly regarding botany but also some regarding personal matters. The letters are arranged alphabetically by sender with the exception of correspondents with four or more letters, whose letters can be found at the end of each file. These correspondents are Albert LeRoy Andrews (five letters), Alice Elizabeth Bacon (four letters), Liberty Hyde and William Whitman Bailey (six letters total), Harvey H. Baker (five letters), Charles Reid Barnes (12 letters, 1 postcard), James Nathaniel Bishop (five letters), Ezra Brainerd (24 letters), Robert Braithwaite (three letters, one postcard), George E. and Priscilla Briggs family (eight letters and one school report card), Elizabeth Gertrude Britton (48 letters and additional miscellanea), Nathaniel Lord Britton (six letters), Luigi Brusati (15 letters and additional miscellanea), Joseph Richmond Churchill (four letters and one postcard), Frank Shipley Collins (nine letters, one botanical specimen and one leaflet), James Franklin Collins, 53 letters and four postcards), George Glover Crocker (seven letters and additional miscellanea), Prentiss Cummings (six letters), Rev. Marshall Munroe Cutter (five letters and additional miscellanea), and Walter Deane (70 letters and additional miscellanea).

Letters A-D: Correspondents with three or fewer letters: Harold Adair, Charles C. Adams, James B. Adams, David Ainsworth, Eugene T. Allen, John A. Allen, Oakes Ames, Henry M. Ami, Rosewell B. Lawrence, Chandler Robbins, D.J. Swift, Glover M. Allen, Edward Baker, W.E. Balch, Henry Clay Barnabee, George A. Barton, Charles F. Batchelder, Alice M. Turner Beach, W.J. Beal, Gustave Beauverd, Emile Bescherelle, G.N. Best, Harriet Biddle, C.H. Bissell, E. Charlton Black, E.R. Blanchard, W.H. Blanchard, J.J. Booker, The Boston Transit Commission, F.O. Bower, G. Brimley Bowes, Robert Bowes, A.H. Brainard, J.G. Brown, J. Brown, James William Bryan Press, F.T. Buchanan, Harris G. LeRoy (Bunker Hill Boys Club), H.R. Burdick, Edward A. Burt, Ernest G. Buttrick, William H. Butts, John W. Fullerton, Frank S. Mason, Horace G. Wadlin, J.K. Whiting, Cambridge Botanical Supply Co., Fernand Camus, Jules Cardot, E.A. Carleton, Horace Parker Chandler, George L. Chandler, Austin W. Cheever, R.B. Lawrence, Ida D. Clapp, L.S. Cheney, James B. Clark, Cora H. Clarke, Willard N. Clute, Anna E. Cobb, John I. Cochrane, Annie L. Colgate, William Munroe Courtis, J.W. Congdon, John M. Coulter, W.A. Craigie, R.I. Cratty, Sallie Ward Crawford, Annie B. Crocker, Alice L. Crockett, Clara E. Cummings, Henry W. Cunningham, Rena Estabrook, William Wesley and Son, Danvers Historical Society, George E. Davenport, Mary A. Day, Charles C. Deam, C.H. Demetrios, Clarence Holbrook Denny, Lewis S. Dixon, Bertram Dobell, [Belle Dorr], E.B. Drew, John Druce, Grace Shaw Duff, Elias J. Durand, and Harriet S. Tapley.

Letters E-H: Consists of letters written to George Kennedy from 108 correspondents with surnames starting with E-H, mostly regarding botany but also some regarding personal matters. The letters are arranged alphabetically by sender with the exception of correspondents with four or more letters, whose letters can be found at the end of each file. These correspondents are William Gilson Farlow (67 letters), Charles Edward Faxon (39 letters, five postcards), Edwin Faxon (11 letters, three postcards), Walter Faxon (48 letters, two postcards), Merritt Lyndon Fernald (34 letters), Frederick Gillan Floyd (21 letters), W.B. Gibbs (25 letters and additional miscellanea), George Lincoln Goodale (50 letters and additional miscellanea), Charles Pelham Greenough (ten letters, one postcard), Abel Joel Grout (12 letters, three postcards), John Hancock (autographed invoice from 1766), Harvard University (40 letters and additional miscellanea), Amos Arthur Heller (four letters), John Michael Holzinger (12 letters, 14 psotcards and additional miscellanea), Joseph Dalton Hooker (five letters, one specimen), and John Warren Huntington (five letters).

Letters E-H: Correspondents with three or fewer letters: Alvah Augustus Eaton, George J. Eaton, Samuel Edgerton, J. Rayner Edwards, Willard Webster Eggleston, Charles W. Eliot, Laurence A. Eliot, William Ellery Channing Eustis, Alexander W. Evans, William Maxwell Everts, U.S. Department of State, Clifton H. Dwinnell, Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science, First National Bank, Hamilton Fish, Mrs. T.J. Fitzpatrick, F.F. Forbes, Gertrude E. Forrest, John W. Fullerton, Kate Furbish, Isabel M. Paddock, Charles T. Gallagher, William Francis Ganong, Samuel Trevor Garman, F.L. George, Francis G. Goodale, H.H. Goodell, Asa Gray, Robert M. Green, Edward L. Greene, Winfield W. Green, J.M. Greenman, Edward W. Grew, Delia I. Griffin, Howard R. Guild, H.H. Langton, Malcolm W. Wallace, Gertrude L. Amory, J. Hagen, Edward E. Hale, Byron D. Halsted, Rose N. Hardwick, J.W. Hardwick, William R. Harper, L.B. Harris, David G. Haskins, Jr., Robert N. Hastings, Arthur E. Hendry, Augustus Hemenway, Harriet Dexter Lawrence Hemenway, Hope Hemenway Richardson, Samuel Henshaw, W. Williams Hervey, Fanny C. Hicks, Gilbert H. Hicks, D.I. Hodges, Theodore J. Hill, Michitaro Hisa, A.S. Hitchcock, John A. Homans, John Horne, James R. Hooper, Charlotte N.S. Horner, Ralph Sheldon Hosmer, Romeyn B. Hough Co., Marshall A. Howe, Edward Howell, S. Charles Howell, Annie O. Huntington, Henry Barrett Huntington, and Lilly St. Agnan Huntington.

Letters I-Q: Consists of letters written to George Kennedy from 108 correspondents with surnames starting with I-Q, mostly regarding botany but also some regarding personal matters. The letters are arranged alphabetically by sender with the exception of correspondents with four or more letters, whose letters can be found at the end of each file. These correspondents are Rhoby A. Ingraham (eight letters), Henry Griswold Jesup (eight letters), Lewis Ralph Jones (16 letters and additional miscellanea), Kennedy's family (10 letters and additional miscellanea), Nathaniel Thayer Kidder (12 letters and additional miscellanea), Annie and William Albert Lorenz (21 letters), James Melville Macoun and John Macoun (18 letters), Thomas Morong (seven letters), and Quincy's Market (six letters and additional miscellanea).

Letters I-Q: Correspondents with three or fewer letters: Church of the New Jerusalem, P.J. Dr. Issaverdens, John G. Jack, Joseph Jackson, T.A. Jaggar, Jr., Alice H. James, William James, Jr., Charles W. Jenks, Harris Kennedy, E.C. Kent, Chester C. Kingman, George L. Kirk, Julius Klein, Maywood Ladd, Julia Lawrence, Robert G. Leavitt, Joseph Robert Leeson, Mark H. Liddell, Edwin Hale Lincoln, Alonzo Linn, Henry W. Longfellow, Mrs. Sarah K. Lord, J. Lunell, George R. Lyman, J.S. Simonton, Arthur H. Brooks, W.W. Churchill, George Lincoln Goodale, Sinclair Kennedy, Gardiner Martin Lane, Alexander McAdie, Norman D. MacDonald, Horace Mann, B. Pickman Mann, Warren H. Manning, Edward Laurens Mark, Albert Mason, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Massachusetts Civil Service Association, F. Schuyler Mathews, William R. Maxon, Celia McKay, Charles S. Minot, William J. Miter, William Mitten, Dora Moldenhauer, George A. Moore, T.T. Munger, George Murray, Winthrop Packard, C.K. Bolton, J.H. Emerton, Nathaniel C. Nash, N.L. Nelson, New England Botanical Club, New England Federation of Natural History Societies, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Arthur H. Nichols, L.F. Noble, Edward L. Rand, John Boyle O'Reilly, Maria L. Owen, Anne L. Page, Calvin G. Page, George Herbert Palmer, [Gal. Paris], W. Prentiss Parker, Frank W. Patch, H.N. Patterson, Grace Merrill Payson, Arthur Stanley Pease, Charles H. Peck, G.H. Perkins, Harris K. Phelps, M.V. Pierce, Thomas C. Porter, W.C. Prime, Lewis I. Prouty, H.A. Prudie, David C.B. Wolfe, Edgerly & Crocker (Joseph Ballard Crocker, Walter H. Edgerly), and Bernard Quaritch.

Letters R-W: Consists of letters written to George Kennedy from 108 correspondents with surnames starting with R-W, mostly regarding botany but also some regarding personal matters. The letters are arranged alphabetically by sender with the exception of correspondents with four or more letters, whose letters can be found at the end of each file. These correspondents are Edward Lothrop Rand (18 letters, one postcard), William Lambert Richardson (29 letters, 3 postcards between various correspondents), J. Ross Robertson (six letters and additional miscellanea), Benjamin Lincoln Robinson (33 letters and additional miscellanea), John Ruskin (one letters signed by him and one letters signed by one of his servants), Josephine E. Tilden (19 letters and additional miscellanea from various correspondents), Roland Thaxter (eight letters), George Henry Tilton (seven letters, two postcards), William Trelease (ten letters), Rodney Howard True (five letters and additional miscellanea), Edward H. Whorf (five letters), and Emile Francis and Blanche Williams (34 letters).

Letters R-W: Correspondents with three or fewer letters: Walter R. Meins, Felix Rackemann, John C. Rand, Katharine Bates Rand, Eugene A. Rau, Manley A. Raymond, James Reed, Alfred Rehder, William P. Rick, Harriet E. Richards, Naomi Richardson, Lincoln W. Riddle, C.H. Rieber, Harold Goddard Rugg, Grace W. Rivers, Alexander Robertson, Charles Robertson, John Robinson, John Rothschild, May E. Rogers, Joseph Nelson Rose, A. Lawrence Rotch, Roxbury Historical Society, Giovanni Ruffini, H. H. Rusby, George Wigglesworth, Henry R. Howland, Joseph Nelson Rose, James Seymour Severance, Robert Saltonstall, J.H. Sandberg, F.W. Sawtelle & Co., C.W. Sawyer, Schoenhof Book Company, Charles Schweinfurth, F. Lawson Scribner, Horace E. Scudder, Marianna P. Seaman, J.H. Sears, Ella Sevrens, George Nathan Sevrens, William H. Seward, A.B. Seymour, [R. Shaw], Thomas P. Shaw, Judson Shute, Clarence R. Skinner, Manning Skinner, Annie Trumbull Slosson, John. K. Small, Annie Morrill Smith, Stanley W. Smith, Perley Spaulding, Mrs. James Spencer née Hunt, M.J. Splaine, Charlotte Sprague, Henry H. Sprague, Hazard Stevens, Florence A. Stone, George Stearns, G.E. Stone, George F. Swain, Alice M.J. Beach, Charles H. Taylor, Emily Hitchcock Terry, William Thiselton-Dyer, The Thompson & Norris Company, Walter Eliot Thwing, Josephine E. Tilden, John W. Titcomb, Bradford Torrey, James Tregaskis, K.M. True, Frederick Tuckerman, A.F. Warner, Hartland Nature Club, Jay G. Underwood, Lucien M. Underwood, Annie B. Crocker, Willis R. Russ, Coslett Herbert Waddell, Winthrop H. Wade, Robert A. Ware, J. Collins Warren, The Washington School Boys' Association, Dependence Sturtevant Waterman, A.G. Weatherby, Charles Alfred Weatherby, Joseph N. Webster, William Wesley, Charles Fay Wheeler, Edward S. ("Ned") Wheeler, John A. Wheeler, Mary C. Wheeler, George R. White, James C. White, Mabel Tourny White, Anne Whitney, Ellerton P. Whitney, Frank W. Wildes, Edward T. Williams, Henry M. Williams, Robert Statham Williams, Hannah Stevenson Wolcott, Roger Wolcott, Frances B. Wood, William L. Worcester, and Julia J. Wright.

George Golding Kennedy (1841-1918) was a medicine manufacturer and botanist from Roxbury, Massachusetts. After earning his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, he practiced medicine for a short time, then took over his father's business manufacturing medicines. He was active in the New England Botanical Club, published brief articles on botany, and in 1904, published a flora of Willoughby, Vermont. He developed a sizeable herbarium which he eventually gave to the Farlow, Gray and New England Botanical Club herbaria. He was active on the Visiting Committee of the Gray Herbarium and gave the money to build a new library wing in 1914. Kennedy married Harriet White Harris in 1865, and they had five children.


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