Journal of Richard E. Blackwelder, West Indies, vol. 4
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Journal of Richard E. Blackwelder, West Indies, vol. 4

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Contained In: Richard E. Blackwelder Papers, 1926-1964

Series: SIA Acc. 96-099

Series: Smithsonian Field Book Project : an initiative to improve access to field book content that documents natural history


Blackwelder, Richard E. (Richard Eliot), 1909-2001




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This journal contains field notes documenting Richard Blackwelder's research in Saint Lucia, Martinique (no specimens there), Dominica from 22 March 12 July 1936 to study insects, especially beetles. Staphylinidae is one common family of beetle collected. This journal contains 118 pages. Blackwelder provides descriptions of flora and fauna of his surrounding environment. He also includes elevations, weather information, and other observations. Abundance of insect genera is noted when applicable. Also, description on how specimens were obtained (ex. in cow dung; rotten fruit) is included. Maps for Saint Lucia and Dominica are included and are annotated to show locations of stations and route taken. Stations visited include station 205-260 (205-231, Saint Lucia; 235-260, Dominica). Examples of localities visited on these islands include Dennery and Milette Ridge on Saint Lucia and Boery River and Roseau on Dominica. Mention of rock samples taken at Dominica and quantities of insects taken on various islands on page 102. General Index on pages 104-115 and Index to Insects on pages 116-118.


Barbados , Beetles , Dennery , Diary , Dominica , Entomology , Field notes , Maps , Roseau , Saint Lucia

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