Collection no. book # 18, beginning # 26790, ending with # 27167


Collection no. book # 18, beginning # 26790, ending with # 27167

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Alternative: Collection number book no. 18, Aug. 24, 1946 – March 15, 1947, (26790 – 27167)

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Contained In: F. Raymond Fosberg field notes from the Department of Botany

Series: SIA Acc. 12-040

Series: Smithsonian Field Book Project : an initiative to improve access to field book content that documents natural history


Fosberg, F. Raymond (Francis Raymond), 1908-1993




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An inserted table of contents contains a full listing of localities and corresponding collector numbers. This field book contains a specimen list of botanical specimens collected from 25 August 1946 to 15 March 1947 in various locations within the Marshall Islands, Hawai’i, Johnston Island, California, Virginia, Micronesia, the Marianas Islands, Guam, and the Caroline Islands. Collector numbers 26790 – 27167 are included. Occasionally, notes become long and narrative, and will sometimes include general descriptions of area vegetation. Specimen list includes scientific name, date, locality, collector number, and sometimes physical description of the specimen that includes its measurements, color, and other information. Page 195-198 contains a list of “plants collected in Saipan by Homer A. Stephens”. Also included is a typed list of specimens collected on 13 May 1945 in Saipan numbered 1-32 inserted between pages 195 and 196.


Botany , California , Caroline Islands , Field notes , Guam , Hawaii , Johnston Island , Mariana Islands , Marshall Islands , Micronesia , United States , Virginia

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.96986


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