2586 to 2629, hyd 863 to hyd 920
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2586 to 2629, hyd 863 to hyd 920

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Alternative: Original logbooks of the Albatross

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Contained In: United States Bureau of Fisheries, Records, circa 1877-1948

Series: SIA RU007184

Series: Smithsonian Field Book Project : an initiative to improve access to field book content that documents natural history


United States. Bureau of Fisheries.




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Original logbook of the Albatross covering station numbers 2586 to 2629 and H863 to H920, recorded 20 September 1885 to 11 March 1886. Data recorded include station number (no.), date, machine, turns, correction, depth, shot or lead, bottom, bottom temperature, number of thermometer, correction, corrected temperature, air temperature, surface temperature, drift, trawl or dredge, sounding wire readings, dredge rope readings, serial temperatures, and general remarks. A list of abbreviations is pasted to the title page. Remarks sometimes record types of specimens caught (e.g. sponges, mollusks, squid). Localities are not listed in this volume, but they were probably traveling from Washington to Woods Hole; Grand Banks,Newfoundland; Virginia; and Delaware in 1885 and the Bahamas in 1886 (based on the history of the ship's activities).


Albatross (Steamer) , Bahamas , Field notes , Ichthyology , Logbooks , Marine biology , Marine invertebrates , United States

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.98095


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