South American trip, 1939


South American trip, 1939

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Contained In: William M. Mann and Lucile Quarry Mann field books, 1914-1940

Series: SIA RU007293

Series: Smithsonian Field Book Project : an initiative to improve access to field book content that documents natural history


Mann, Lucile Quarry, 1897-1986
Mann, William M., 1886-1960




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The scrapbook was compiled by Lucile Mann, from materials gathered relating to a trip to Argentina and Brazil (1939), for the purposes of collecting and exchanging live animals with zoos in South America. Materials in the scrapbook cover sites throughout Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Plata, Lake Nahuel Huapi). The scrapbook appears to be arranged chronologically, and included news clippings, menus, photographs, passenger lists, postcards, original artwork (by Newbery),and advertisements for theatrical events. Journalist William H. Shippen of Washington D.C.'s Evening Star, followed the trip and wrote a series of general interest stories relating to it, which have been included. There are also clippings from Argentinean newspapers. Most photographs with captions. Subject matter includes: farewell dinner; leisure time by the pool on the ship to South America; Buenos Aires Zoo; Córdoba Zoo; La Plata Zoo; buffalo crate; informal images of expedition members and local officials (some identified); the loading of coffee on ships at harbor; general scenes of the local sites and cities visited; and a visit to the Angostura brewery.


Argentina , Brazil , Buenos Aires , Córdoba , Field notes , La Plata , Nahuel Huapí, lago , Rio de Janeiro , Scrapbooks , Wild animal collecting , Zoology , Zoos

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