Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey, 1962-1963 : diary, November 24, 1962 - March 10, 1963 (2 of 2)


Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey, 1962-1963 : diary, November 24, 1962 - March 10, 1963 (2 of 2)

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Contained In: Waldo L. Schmitt Papers, 1907-1978
Series: SIA RU007231
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Schmitt, Waldo L. (Waldo Lasalle), 1887-1977




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The second diary documents Waldo L. Schmitt's work during the Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey, 1962-1963. Covers dates November 24, 1962 - March 10, 1963. Diary includes copies of drafts of correspondence, expenses and meteorological data. Contains data tables through out the diary. Some include dates, time of day, latitude and longitude positions and quantities of observed(?) including seals and penguins. Others have air and water temperatures measured three times a day, wind speed and direction, and observed wildlife. Several of copied correspondence are to his wife Alvina S. Schmitt (Mrs. Waldo LaSalle). Dated journal entries include pasted inserts detailing itinerary (embarkation information including latitude and longitude). Notes discuss collecting and fieldwork, water temperatures, weather, accommodations, birds observed, participants and crew members, icebergs sighted, bases visited, and fish trapped. He includes lists of summer staff of some of the sites. Includes hand drawn maps. Locations visited include Port Arthur Island, Anvers Island, Galindez Island, Argentine Island, and Hope Bay.


Antarctica , Anvers Island , Clippings (information artifacts) , Diary , Field notes , Ichthyology , Palmer Land , Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey (1962-1963) , United States Antarctic Program , Zoology

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