A History of Cats from 1858 to 1922

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Cats were not always the beloved household pets as we know them today. This collection of books from the Library of Congress illustrates the variety of ways that people thought about domestic cats from 1858 to 1922.

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Digital Exhibition

Wild Mouser to Household Pet: A History of Cats in Science and Society, 1858 to 1922 
Using Texts in the Library of Congress and the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Using books from the Library of Congress Collection, this exhibition explores the role of the cat in society from 1858 to 1922. In this time period, authors answered questions like: What is the role of the cat in society? Some of the answers included cats as biological specimen used for dissections and medical study, muses for literature and art, loving household pets, troublesome neighborhood pests, or an object of display for exhibition and hobby.

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This exhibition was curated by Madison Arnold-Scerbo.