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  1. By: Conrad, Jack L. - Gauthier, Jacques, - Mongolian-American Museum Paleontological Project. - Norell, Mark A. - Rieppel, Olivier.
    Publication info: 2011-12-30
    Holding Institution: American Museum of Natural History Library
  1. By: Pregill, Gregory K. - Gauthier, Jacques, - Greene, Harry W.,
    Type: Article
    In: Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History
    Volume: 21
    Date: 1986-12-05
    Page Range: 167--202
    Publication Info: [San Diego], The Society, 1905-1989
  2. By: Gauthier, Jacques, - Bédard, Jean - Reed, A
    Type: Article
    In: The Wilson bulletin
    Volume: 88
    Issue: 2
    Date: 1976
    Page Range: 333--344
    Publication Info: Columbus, Ohio, Wilson Ornithological Society, 1894-
  3. By: Gauthier, Jacques,
    Type: Article
    In: Memoirs of the California Academy of Sciences
    Volume: 8
    Date: 1986
    Page Range: 1--55
    Publication Info: San Francisco, The Academy, 1868-