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  1. By: Morin, David - Alexander, Patrick J - Beck, James B - Windham, Michael D. - Bailey, C. Donovan
    Type: Article
    In: PhytoKeys
    Volume: 98
    Date: 2018
    Page Range: 15-50
    Publication Info: Pensoft Publishers 2018
  2. By: Cervantes, Sandy D - Tonne, Phil - Govindarajulu, Rajanikanth - Alexander, Patrick J - Bailey, C. Donovan
    Type: Article
    In: Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
    Volume: 4
    Date: 2010
    Page Range: 261--269
    Publication Info: Fort Worth, Tex, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 2007-
  3. By: Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A., (Ihsan Ali) - Bailey, C. Donovan - Price, R A
    Type: Article
    In: Novon a journal of botanical nomenclature from the Missouri Botanical Garden
    Volume: 11
    Date: 2001
    Page Range: 337--340
    Publication Info: St. Louis, MO, Missouri Botanical Garden,