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  1. By: Knorr, Georg Wolfgang, - Müller, Philipp Ludwig Statius, - Verdier de la Blaquière, Mathieu, - Knorr, Georg Wolfgang, - Dietsch, Joh. Fried., - Dietschin, B. R., - Keller, Johann Christoph, - Kleemann, Christoph Nikolaus, - Leinberger, Christian,
    Publication info: Nürnberg :[Heirs of G.W. Knorr],A. 1766-1767.
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
  2. By: Linné, Carl von, - Houttuyn, M. (Martinus), - Houttuyn, M. (Martinus), - Linné, Carl von, - Müller, Philipp Ludwig Statius,
    Publication info: Nürnberg :bey Gabriel Nicolaus Raspe,1773-1775.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
  3. By: Knorr, Georg Wolfgang, - Houttuyn, M. (Martinus), - Müller, Philipp Ludwig Statius,
    Publication info: [Nuremberg :1757.
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    BHL Collections: Rarest of the Rare