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  1. Collecting in National Parks
    Type: Article
    In: Journal of the New York Entomological Society.
    Volume: 61
    Date: 1953
    Page Range: 200--200
    Publication info: Lawrence, Kan. :Allen Press [etc.],1893-2007.
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  2. A list and index of the publications of the United States National Museum (1875–1946)
    Type: Article
    In: Bulletin - United States National Museum.
    Volume: 193
    Date: 1947
    Page Range: 1--306
    Publication info: Washington :Smithsonian Institution Press, [etc.];1877-1971.
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  3. The Manihine Expedition to the Gulf of Aqaba 1948-1949. Foreword: Station list and collectors' notes. Preliminary hydrological report
    By: Deacon, G E R
    Type: Article
    In: Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History).
    Volume: 1
    Date: 1952
    Page Range: 153--162
    Publication info: London :BM(NH)
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  4. Simultaneous twin parturition of Buthus afer, the black rock scorpion (with illustration)
    Type: Article
    In: The journal of the Bombay Natural History Society.
    Volume: 3
    Date: 1888
    Page Range: 137--138
    Publication info: Bombay :Bombay Natural History Society,1886-
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