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  1. By: Athersuch, John. - Bate, Raymond Holmes, - Boomer, Ian D. - Horne, D J - Lord, A R - Neale, J W - Sheppard, L. M.‏ ‎ (Lesley Margaret),‏ ‎ - Siveter, David J. - Sylvester-Bradley, P. C. (Peter Colley), - Williams, Mark. - Athersuch, John. - Siveter, David J. - British Micropalaeontological Society.
    Publication info: London :British Micropalaeontological Society.
    Holding Institution: Natural History Museum Library, London
  1. By: Ahmad, Muzaffer, - Neale, J W - Siddiqui, Q A
    Type: Article
    In: Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Geology
    Volume: 46
    Date: 1991
    Page Range: 175--270
    Publication Info: London :BM(NH)