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Handbook to The birds of Australia.
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LondonPublishe by the author,1865.
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

lines 1—5 score
lines 10—12 score in pale pencil
lines 10—11 underline in pale pencil "thighs ... green"
lines 10—11 annotation in pale pencil Var

lines 5—1 score
line 6 annotation one of most Beutifl spec

bottom-margin annotation In other species of genus young very different — very beautiful. Shows not descent — from differently coloured ancestors
whole-margin annotation Hence It does not seem as if variation had occurred early in life, but had crawled backwards or invaded th young — & it seems whenever this happens it invades both sexes — & ceases to be limited to one sex.—

[continues overleaf] 6 underline "face"
line 6 underline "deep indigo-blue"
line 4 underline "wing ... lazuline"
line 3 underline "coverts ... blue"

[continuation] 3—4 underline "chest ... scarlet"
line 7 underline "face ... coverts"
line 8 underline "pale ... blue"
line 9 underline "being green"

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

lines 6—2 score
from End Note 2 annotation 538 New Zealand    mny ‹anomalou› «anomalous» Brds 3.12

line 18 apparently unintentional mark