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Book Title
über die Berechtigung der Darwin'schen Theorie
Publication Details
Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1868
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

Copyright Status:
In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

top-margin annotation Mr Charles Darwin Esq
     Kent. S.E.

line 3 underline in blue crayon "Darwin'schen Theorie"
line 9 underline in blue crayon "August Weismann"
show subjects concepts

line 10 score [`bookmark']

line 16 score [`bookmark']

line 19 score [`bookmark']

lines 8—12 score in dark pencil
line 8 [ in dark pencil
lines 14—16 score
lines 14—16 annotation degraded organisms
from End Note annotation p 26 Nägeli

lines 10—5 score
line 11bottom-margin annotation trifling characters constant —
     External influences
     Kept constant by crossing
show subjects subjects

line 4 score [`bookmark']

lines 3—4 score in dark pencil
lines 16—6 score
whole-margin annotation in dark pencil I think this means that “morphological” charcters are the results of what I call th definite action of conditions — I do not feel quite satisfied with this .— free intercrssing cd perhaps keep ‹such› th charcters, which are not use, free frm fluctuations. —

lines 15—13 score
lines 17—12 annotation a cat will vary differently from a dog.
show subjects concepts

lines 13—10 score in pale pencil
bottom-margin annotation t01    So that Laws of variation (.as well as inheritance) will prevent th sam form bing producd by two distinct forms —
t01 - `⧟' in pale pencil
show subjects subjects

lines 6—8 score
line 7 underline "Variationsqualität"
line 7 annotation good
top-marginline 5 annotation In Variation under Dom. I have been strng on nature of spcies [illegible word] [?]varabity

lines 16—20 score cancelled

lines 8—17 score
line 7 ]
top-marginline 17 annotation This is justly directed against what I have vaguely said of indefinite variability — in all cases th variability, within a large circuit, is definite & thus certainly overules th power of selection .

annotation in dark brown ink (109

annotation horizontally crossed Causes & Law of Variation most important.—

annotation All marked
show subjects concepts

annotation p 26 Nägeli
show subjects concepts

annotation to 30
show subjects concepts